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Wordless Wednesday —  Oh Trader Joe, You GET Me




Momaste’s Five Minute Facial Treat


People frequently ask me how I get such a glowing, radiant complexion and manage to look so fresh and young, despite my hectic-working-mom lifestyle.

Nah, I’m just kidding.  No one has ever asked me that, ever, never, not once.

But I do have a little facial hack that makes me feel so dewy it seems people should be stopping me in Target to ask my beauty secrets.  

As you may have realized, Momaste is not the place you want to come for straight up advice, awesome life hacks, or recipes.  The reason for this dearth of sage wisdom is because I mostly suck at life, unless it involves getting comfortable while simultaneously breastfeeding and sleeping.  Oooh, I should write a post about that!  Because that is one thing at which I most definitely have not sucked!

But I digress. . .

Anyway, I love you guys, and want to share a sweet little thing you can do to show yourself a little kindness.

My facial is an elegantly simple treat you can give yourself whenever you feel your complexion is getting a bit sallow, like say when you have endured blizzard conditions for the past three weeks and haven’t seen any sun.  True story.

The ingredients are simple, and probably stuff you have lying around right now, or can pick up on your weekly trip to Trader Joe’s.  You will need:

  • The juice of an organic lemon (or a regular lemon, or the squeezey stuff in the fake, plastic lemon)
  • About three tablespoons of coarse, organic sugar (or, you know, regular sugar)
  • A couple squirts of pure jojoba oil (a dab of melted or soft coconut oil would also be lovely, or you could use a tiny bit of olive oil, or EVOO, for those of us who think we are cool and like to use abbreviations)


1.  I start by squeezing the juice of about half an organic lemon (or a few squirts of the fake, plastic lemon) into a ramekin.

2.  Then add your sugar.  It is best if you add the sugar right before you are ready to do the facial, otherwise it tends to melt, and the coarseness of the sugar, which gives a lovely, exfoliating scrub, loses some of its magic.

3.  Add a couple squirts of the oil of your choice.  I love jojoba because it has a natural ability to unclog pores, and is a wonderful makeup remover.  I’ve also found through trial and error that it is an oil I can wash with on my face (yes, I did just say wash with oil, it’s a hippie thing) and I won’t break out.  It is mild and light, but also very moisturizing.

4.  Scrub a dub dub!  

Since this sugar scrub tends to get a bit messy, I use mine in the shower.  Then I can also use it on my neck and décolletage.  The sugar helps scrub away dead skin cells, while the lemon treats your flesh to a burst of vibrant vitamins, lightens dark spots, and invigorates your complexion.  The oil (and yes, I know jojoba is actually a wax and not technically an oil) helps to quench and moisturize, and also removes any left over makeup or grime.

Just be careful that if you do go out in the sun (fat chance in my neck of the woods right now) you wear sunscreen.  Something about the vitamins in the lemon juice makes skin particularly sensitive to the sun’s harmful rays. . .  oh mama, if only we had some harmful rays right now. . .  IMG_7044

But I digress.

Let’s face it, we are all busy people, and in the course of mothering and cooking and cleaning and working and commuting, we tend to forget about taking as good care of ourselves as we do our kids, spouses, clients, etc.  For me, taking five extra minutes a couple times a month to engage in this wonderful-smelling ritual makes me feel like I am really caring for the skin I’m in.

So, try it out and let me know what you think!  
Unless, of course, you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this facial.  In that case, for the love of goddess, please do not indulge.  Melt some chocolate and stick your toes in it or something else (a pedicure I actually gave myself one time, true story).

Do you have any beauty hacks that make you feel amazing?