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Only Forever


i recently read
everything changes,
life keeps moving and nothing
stays the same forever-
they were words meant to comfort,
but i look at the ocean
and think it’s only forever
and that is forever, 

whatever that means.
my insides fill
with the same icy, salty water
that somehow slips in steaming streams
down my cheeks.
nothing and everything is
only forever and i cannot see
as far as the sky can fly
over this freezing body-
but silly woman,
the ocean never freezes,
look at it pulse like blood in a stone,
like love in my marrow.
only forever.
i cover my face with my hands,
feel the heat of your name
whispered against my cold palms.

Winter Waves


these winter waves
are deceptively small
as they fold over and over,
first a gentle curve,
then a harsher slap on sand.

i watch from a distance.

the winter waves
are cold, hypnotic
and though small,
i am quite sure they
could tug me out
to a place very far away,
to a place from which i could
not swim back,
as my body grew numb and sank.
i wish it frightened me,
imagining how i’d whisper
into icy water
all the words i want to say
in the dark against your lips.

i watch from a distance
that seems safe,
still and dry,
but wonder if
maybe i haven’t been
dragged away

You’ll Never Know


i saw sunset,
through bare branches,
brush, and bramble,
and i rushed through my mind
to tell you.
it was nothing spectacular,
a streak of gold and a
pouch of pink in an otherwise
muddy dome,
yet i felt if you knew
how i ran out into the cold,
saw my breath meet sky,
and shivered,
it would be a secret
we could share
because you should know

i want to say
my heart is yours,
but truthfully
it is no longer mine to give,
and anyway who would want
such a squelchy thing
that beats so rampant,
that scurries
from the world like a rabbit
into a deep den?

i want to say i am yours,
here, here, take me
but isn’t that
what we always do when
we infatuate ourselves with things
we cannot have, when
we devise ways to
break our own hearts?

by the time
i scribbled these words,
the sky changed again,
was dark and plain
as a crow’s feathers.
it was something i also
wanted to tell you,
although now
you’ll never know.