“Hello. It’s Me. I’ve Thought About You For a Long, Long Time. . . “


Hi everyone…  It’s been a couple weeks since I have written.  I’ve had a million things on my mind and have been swimming in the relentless surf of working motherhood.  

So, it’s been a while.

But I think about you all everyday!  And I’ve wondered how you are all doing.

Which I could find out by reading all of your beautiful and marvelous blogs. . .

But I haven’t really been doing that either.


A poem has been trying to germinate in the chilly autumn soil of my mind,  but it is having a hard time thrusting through and blooming into the purple, hardy mum it really wants to be.

So, I had that Frampton song stuck in my head (where it will likely play on an endless loop all day), and I thought about just checking in with everyone.

How are you all doing?  What has your autumn been like?  If it is even autumn where you are. . .  I know for some, it is just about to be summer.  Amazing.

Jack is doing awesome in school so far this year, which is a relief!  A lot of moms checked in and read my kindergarten post, and I just want to reiterate–  It DOES GET BETTER!!!  So much better.  It is exciting to watch Jack learning and growing and enjoying school and his friends.

Emily has just about weaned…  She hasn’t nursed in the mornings for a really long time, weeks now.  And at night, she has been wanting her father to put her to bed.  The other night when I was putting her to bed, she stroked my face and said, “I know you don’t have milk for me.”  She said it so peacefully and tenderly.  We have been doing the whole “don’t offer/don’t refuse” thing, so she wasn’t really asking and I wasn’t really refusing at that moment.  It was more like she was acknowledging, hey, we are in a new place.  And we were both okay with it.

At work, I finally hired a new clinician to share the mammoth caseload we have so this is a very, very good thing.  But it is also a huge undertaking to be responsible for someone new and their care and training.  And it is exciting.  So overall, a wonderful process.

My spousal unit and I recently celebrated nine years of marriage.  NINE YEARS!!!  I know that is a drop in the bucket, but wow it has gone by so fast and we have two amazing children and a house and a home.  We spent the day quietly doing the stuff of life–  working and taking care of the kids.  And then a week or so later, he took me out to see Everest., because our love is true and he knows of my penchant for Himalayan mountain disasters.

So, I don’t know if it is Mercury being Retrograde, or what (I don’t really believe in that stuff, or maybe I do…  jury’s out), but it has been a season of much transition.

In the beginning of the fall, I bit into an apple that was so amazingly crisp and juicy.  It tasted just like fall.  And I took one bite and threw it out because I was not ready to embrace the autumn.  Silly, I know.  Plus, resistance is futile.  Maybe it was because our summer was so rough, you know, between the rabies and death, and I wanted a do-over.  News flash:  there are no do-overs.

So, I’m finally sinking into autumn and it’s not so bad after all.

In other literary news, or not, I was kind of obsessively writing fanfiction for a while, and really got sucked into a vortex where I was a bit disoriented and confused.  I think I’ve found a bit more balance now.  And I really want to get back to the blogosphere.  I missed it here.

Someone I really cared about once told me that winter is “the season of the blogger.”  I am hoping that with the shifting weather and energy of the universe that I will be able to dig deep into that season.  I’m also thinking of getting back to my creative blog, the Story of Blue.  I’d like to pen some literary non-fiction over there about some of my past lives.  But we’ll see.

Have a wonderful Friday.  Be well.  Check in and leave a comment if you want.  I’d love to hear from you.


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  1. Fall has yet to touch where I live, but I eagerly await it’s embrace. So glad you’re blogging/writing for I find reading your thoughts or stories to be something I enjoy greatly. I always find myself smiling whenever I get an email seeing that you’ve updated your writings. There never needs to be apologies from being absent for a time, real life has a way of interrupting certain pleasantries here on the web. Just don’t stop writing, please. I’m sure you’ve heard many people say that to you many times *wink wink* We enjoy the words that flow from you creative spirit. I hope you are having an excellent day. Be well.

  2. Great to catch up with you Charlotte! Sounds like there are exciting things happening for you. What books do you write about? I’ve been immersed in rereading a song of ice and fire. Part of the reason I haven’t been blogging. I try to come up for air sometimes. Our fall has been beautiful

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