Late Bloomer


Throwback Thursday– So much has been going on over the past week, I did not get a chance to stop and honor Jack’s 8th birthday with a special blog post. I’m afraid I can’t beat myself up for this right at the moment. . . so, I am choosing to reblog this post for TBT about a conversation we had last year around this time with Jack’s pediatrician regarding his own personal timeline. Jack has really grown and matured so much over the past year. He is a marvel to me, and deserving of his own birthday-themed-original post. I’ll get to it. . . someday, but for now, there is this. And, as an update on the teeth– he has since lost three and has a huge snaggly tooth threatening to drop out at any moment!!


IMG_6070We took Jack to the pediatrician for his well-child visit.  He just turned seven.  She looked him over from top to toe, asked him about his summer, and about his feelings about starting second grade in the fall.  She showed him where he was plotted on the growth chart, squarely in the 56 percentile.

Peering into his mouth with her bright otoscope, she exclaimed, “Well, Jack!  You haven’t lost a single tooth yet!”  She looked at my husband and me, and we shrugged.  Just that day at lunch, Jack had bemoaned his full mouth of “baby” teeth.  He begged me to tell him when he would lose a tooth.

His pediatrician thought for a moment, then said to Jack, “Maybe you’re a late bloomer.”

I’m sure it was the last thing my big boy wanted to hear, but for me, it was a kind of “Ah-hah!” moment.

In many ways…

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