That Moment


That moment when you would love to recall some really important information for someone but can’t because “Let it Go” is taking up too much space in your brain.

Hashtag mommyproblems.

What “that moment” moments have you had this week with your life? Comment below and I will tweet your answers and give you/your blog a shout out on Twitter.


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  1. Ah good question! There is ‘one of those moments’ at least once a day for me. Today’s is my realisation that I used to enjoy the beauty and festivity of fireworks, even small home-style ones. Now I just think ‘shit that’s going to wake up the kids!’ (For some reason people in my neighbourhood are going at it with fireworks tonight…no idea?!)

  2. pretty much every thought in my adhd rattled brain! it’s sparks tremendous anxiety bit also momentous creativity. I am constantly thinking “I really need to write this down”! I just realized my phone has a tape recorder dicataphone thing! My Brain doesn’t stop ,so writing is theraputic yet I am almost anxiety ridden when I don’t get my daily dose of writing accomplished ; yet I know i do not multi task well. It’s a constant struggle. What’s your twitter address?

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