This Post Brought to You by Authenticity, Self Acceptance, and YOUR Amazing Comments


Since I whined posted last week about never having any time to write, I have been writing almost non stop.

Funny how that happens, huh?

First off, all your comments were really helpful and gracious.  Accepting where I was at in terms of my schedule and posting routines/possibilities helped to loosen things up for me in the old noggin.  So, thanks for that!  You guys rock and/or roll.

Second, I decided (somewhat as a result of a comment made by my friend Becoming Buddhist) that not every post we write as bloggers has to be a brilliant, stand-out piece.  I’m not schooled at all in the history of blogging, but I believe these web logs were meant to be authentic journal-like entries about our lives or some particular topic.  In many ways, I think the term “blogging” goes hand in hand with “authenticity”

So, if we are being true to ourselves, if we are being truly authentic, if we are madly scribbling down our truth then it will be what it is, and that is okay, even if it is less than brilliant.  Am I thinking that right?

Blogging has helped me immensely with being mindful, slowing down my process in life, and learning to accept myself.  Through self-acceptance I have been better able to be present with my family, keep my cool at work, and even lose more weight.

That’s pretty much all I wanted to say today.  OH–  and if you get a chance to check out my new, creative writing blog the Story of Blue, I would eternally grateful.  I’ve managed to post multiple times this week on both of my blogs–  yay me!  xoxoxo.


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  1. I’m glad you said this. I’ve had the same thoughts about blogging, because I somehow feel inadequate when I write a post that isn’t funny or thought provoking, bringing in likes and comments. But my “meh” posts were where I was at at the time, and it’s become my form of journaling some days – me, who has always despised journaling!

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