Little Talks


20140415-093832.jpgAt one point, I was scared Emily would never start talking. Of course it is a well known “second child” fact that they are often later talkers. But Jack was so verbal so early, so I had a pretty skewed point of reference.  I obsessed for months about how many words she knew and used on a regular basis.

As with most mommy-obsessions I’ve had, this one was pretty pointless and not really an issue anyway.  We exposed our baby/toddler Em to books and music.  We talked and signed with her.  One of her daycare providers pointed out that physically Emily is so expressive, she is able to convey her thoughts or point using body language or facial expressions, and since she was able to get her point across, didn’t need as much language at that point.

It turns out there was nothing wrong with Emily, and she started talking in her own, sweet time. Actually, she’s quite the chatterbox.

It was well worth the wait because now we have these really nice little talks. For example, this morning she grabbed my face so I was looking close into her face. She said, “You are precious. Understand?”

She’s three but she has such a huge, tender heart.

Later, on the way to daycare she randomly said, “‘Member when I was in your tummy?”

“Of course I do.” I said. “Do you remember when you were in my tummy?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“What do you remember?”

“There was goop.”

It took a moment for me to realize she was referring to the vernix and other fluid she had seen in the first photos I have of her after her birth. This little insight made me smile.

After a moment she continued, “Poppy was scared to hold me. He think he bweak me.” This little nugget surprised me. I had told her the story of her birth and how her grandfather didn’t want to hold her when she was first born because he was scared he would break her (although with a birth weight of nine pounds 15 ounces, she was pretty sturdy!).  I had told her this months and months ago, yet she remembered.

“Oh Em! I couldn’t wait for you to come out so I could meet you.” I got the jolt of joy I always feel remembering the morning of her amazing birth. What a gift to think about.

“Yeah. Me too. And now we best fwiends.”

True story little love. Good talk.


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