When the Heck Do People Blog?!


When I started Momaste, two and a half years ago, my daughter took two naps a day.  She was about 8 months old, and needed lots of day-time sleep.  Now, she is a very active three-year-old and she needs lots of day-time non-sleep.

What I am trying to say is, when she was an infant, I could count on at least three (sometimes four!) hours per day that I could dedicate to writing.  I used to obsess over my word counts, editing, and tagging. I was able to sit and organize my thoughts, and really post on a regular basis.

Now-a-days, I am lucky if I post one long post (usually on Mondays), and maybe a random photo.  It feels kind of disorganized and slipshod.  But I just don’t get regular time for writing these days.  Life is so hectic and full of working, commuting, helping kids with homework, chasing around bickering children, and trying to keep things at least tidy and sanitary around the house.

Sometimes I’ll have a great idea for a post, but then no time to write it.  Other times I want to write, even if it is just a little blurb or random thought, but it doesn’t seem complete enough and my weird OCD stuff kicks in and I don’t get it out.

I had it in mind, during a rare burst of creative energy, to start a blog specifically for poetry and fiction, but then I got busy or tired or whatever and I can’t even imagine when I would write fiction!

When I first started blogging, I couldn’t stand the meta-sounding blog posts about blogging. But now I understand how nerve wracking it can feel to question, and worse, to neglect your blog.


It’s frustrating.  I suppose I could write after putting the kids to bed, but after doing bedtime, cleaning the kitchen, and putting in a load of laundry, I am pretty spent.

So, I want to know–  when do you all find time for blogging?!  Some of you post so regularly, which is most impressive.  Do you have a schedule?  Do you outline things for the month and then stick to it, or do you just write when the spirit moves you?  What works for you busy working parent bloggers?


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  1. I write notes all over the place for ideas. I write/read in the bathroom, between patients when the electronic health record freaks out and I have to reboot the stupid computer, at lunch, in bed, when I am holding a little one’s hand while they go to sleep, etc. Shamefully, I also blog at dinner and breakfast but that is going to stop. OCD makes me worry that I am missing something pithy and thought provoking somewhere. Trying to let that go a bit.

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing all this, because truth be told, your’s is a blog that I am a bit envious of in terms of your regular blogging habits. I’m not sure I could be quite so dedicated. . . although. . . Do you blog on a cell device? I feel like I would blog more, but tendonitis in my thumbs makes it challenging for me to peck away at those tiny keyboards. I also do sometimes blog when little one is going to bed, but we have a strict “no technology” rule at the table! Thank you so much for sharing… I have big love for your blog… PS, you get so many comments and likes– do you promote on social network or just have a huge friend/follower circle? I’ve been curious.

      • No social network promotion. None of my friends or family know it exists except for my husband. I blog almost exclusively from an iPhone 4S. Portable is the way to go! (And thank you for being so sweet about my blog! I love yours, too!)

      • Squeeeeelllll!! Blog crush! None of my friends or family really knwo I blog either. Portable is good, but with my silly thumb pain, it is hard for me. I wish there were a little portable, plug-in keyboard for these iphone contraptions! Thanks for the great kindness. xo

  2. I am not a writer or blogger, I admire writers like yourself. Your words are continuously inspiring. If I had to give advice it would be to do what your doing because what you write is authentic even if it isn’t regular. Xoxo

  3. I feel the same way. I have four kids, I teach middle school English, and freelance for the local newspaper (not as much as I’d like to, though), my wife has a full time job as well with a worse commute. My kids ages range from 4-13 and have their own hobbies that require my help. I love where my life is right now. I am doing what I’ve always wanted to do, but I wish I could write more of what interests me on my blog. One thing I’m trying is to set a time 3-5 days a week for writing. 30 minutes minimum per sitting. I hope to be able to sit and write at least 2 times. Throughout the week, I will jot down ideas or thoughts to write about, so that when I sit down I can just reflect a minute and write. I have been able to produce a couple things that I have not posted, but I have noticed more writing. Maybe this can help you too. If so, let me know.

    • Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by and for commenting! Your advice and insight is most appreciated. I am envious of people who can create and stick with a regular blogging schedule. I feel like sometimes when I say I am going to do that, I end up being less motivated b/c it feels like to much pressure! Sometimes I do write things ahead of time and schedule them for posting if I happen to have a prolific week… so that is a thought too. Thanks again!

  4. Hi Charlotte! I remember when my oldest two kids were nappers and I had every afternoon to do what I wanted. I wasn’t a blogger back then, but I had plenty of free time and by some miracle, they both napped from 1-4 pm every day. What paradise! Then we had another and my oldest started to give up napping. And our third guy only napped in the mornings. At that point, my life became helplessly busy and it continued that way for a long time. By the time our fourth was born, our oldest was in school all day, the next one was in pm Kindergarten and I thought, well I can get the younger guys to nap in the afternoons. But they never went down at the same time so I still only accomplished the minimum. Once they got a little older, I spent my entire afternoons driving up and down the main drag in our area, taking them places. Now I have time, but it took about twelve years to get there. That’s when I learned how to read standing up! You’ll have lots of time down the road. Enjoy those little faces!

    • Hi!! Thanks so much for the kind words. . . Yes, I try to BE WITH my family when we are together because we are apart so much, and i know that will only get more pronounced as they grow. Sometimes I freak out and just need some nice words from someone like you to remind me its allllll goooodd… xoxoxo (OH, and PS, you were one of those regular bloggers I was talking about envying!)

      • Of course, now we are not together as much, between school, sports, jobs and teenage social lives…and one at college. You move from one phase to the next.

  5. I think you’re doing well, Charlotte! January 2015 was the first time I missed an entire month… The hard part for me is finishing a piece. I have dozens started, but they simply haven’t come to completion. I don’t know if that is an issue of time, or of simply needing to wait for them to ripen. I’m hoping to have something else up in the next week to build a rhythm (a feeling that seems important for when I am doing “well”).

    • Hi. . . well, I actually noticed you had been missing in action for a bit, and have missed your posts, by the way. 🙂 Your blog is one of my favorites. But thank you so much for taking the time to stop by, and for leaving some kind words. Yeah, I also have a lot of posts that I’ve started and then they either fizzled out, or I just didn’t get around to finishing them and never got around to going back. Good luck getting your rhythm back!

  6. I can totally relate. I blog in the rare moments when both little ones are sleeping and my husband is working. Usually I’m avoiding housework and needing “me time”. Blogging is good “me time”. I have lots of ideas too and then doubt myself or think that what I wrote sounds retarded. But how can I get better at writing if I don’t try. My goal is to post once a month. I have to write quickly. I’m not always satisfied with my work, but I post anyways because even if it’s not perfect I’m getting to express my thoughts and ideas. And that is important to me.

    • Blogging IS good me time. It is probably my first choice for something to do if I have any spare time. I just love the sense of freedom, escape, and then connection. Thanks a lot for stopping by and commenting. It is very much appreciated.

  7. I have no schedule and I blog when I’m moved to do so, which if you check out my 2015 posts, you’ll notice has been very little of late… I’m an idea machine but I struggle with planting my tale in the chair and following through. I also need a lot of sleep. Along with a job, two kids and trying to hold my marriage together, blogging is usually the thing that gets put last. I love your writing. It’s real and authentic and think you should keep doing what you’re doing. It’s hard. I feel you. Just keep writing, even if it’s only for yourself… That’s another thing I do. I want people to enjoy reading what I write, but I feel like my writing is the only thing in my life these days that’s just pure and simple “me.” It’s far from perfect but I know how much I need this sacred space.

    • Hey, I’ve noticed you haven’t been around as much and was wondering what you have been up to! Thanks a ton for checking in with me. Thank you so much for your kind words. Thank you. Thank you. I hope you will find the balance too. It is hard, that is for sure. Hope you are well. xoxo.

  8. This post is timely for me. I just posted yesterday and thought about my intention to keep blogging once a week, but it’s so hard, with work and parenting and life. One thought I have is to backlog posts when I can, then pull them out when I’m ready–on a blog about writing, this is a little easier. Or a “round-up” of posts/things from the Web I enjoyed (ha: if there’s time to read!). I mean, does every post have to be brilliant? Can some be shorter, less brilliant, less time-consuming? I wrestle with these questions….

    Good luck.

    • Hey Lady!! I feel like sometimes when I set those goals for myself and then they overwhelm me and I lose my motivation. I guess blogging is supposed to be authentic, right? So, I would think that it should be okay for posts to be less than genius from time to time, because, let’s face it, most of us are not geniuses 24/7. I think my anxiety and OCD gets the better of me. I may experiment with some shorter posts. And I already have two poems up on my new blog… Thanks for the inter coastal support.

  9. Hi Charlotte, I am with you. I just try to prioritise writing but not at the expense of being mindful and present in other areas of my life. A challenge. Last night this meant sitting down at 0945 after kids to bed, doing dishes, organising the next day because my car is having work done and it is taking a day longer than expected and there is no public transport where I am and kids still have to get to school and I have to get to work, making lunches, doing ironing for work, walking dog, paying bills,… and then writing a very short post. Then deciding I was too tired to publish it as, although it was such a simple post, it just wasn’t quite right and I didn’t trust my tired brain.

    And just accepting this is how it is and there is always tomorrow 🙂

      • Yeah, and that was such a vent on my behalf!! Your post got me thinking about my priorities again, so thanks for that. Less ironing, more blogging. And great to read that you’ve launched your new blog! Perhaps if you’re drawn to write then you fit it in somehow. Namaste.

  10. Boy howdy, I am struggling to blog on any kind of regular basis, and my little guy is 6 months today (how the hell did that happen?!).
    He naps, but his naps do not happen at predictable times, nor for predictable lengths. And I have long known that I can’t blog on demand or on a schedule (it takes all the fun out of blogging for me and makes it feel like work), so rarely does a baby nap time coincide with a bloggy-feeling time for me.
    So eh…it just happens when it happens.

    • HI there! It took my kind about 6-8 months to get on a “regular” schedule for sleep and napping. . . It is also hard for me to blog on demand. Some days I can write three posts, and other times I go weeks on end without a single inspiration. I kind of like letting the mood strike also. I hope mommy-hood is treating you well and you are getting some sleep and awesome cuddles! xo

  11. My blog is just a baby, I started it this month but I’m planning on keeping to a Monday Wednesday Friday schedule for posts! I try to write some during the day, but I’m a stay at home mom and my 5 month old keeps me pretty busy. (She’s not a good napper!) A lot of the time I have to wait until she goes to bed to start writing.

  12. For months I haven’t had or made time for blogging. I feel your pain. Yet I’ve begun to learn to accept what is.

    Last week I received an email from Fat Cow, my hosting company, that they had renewed my hosting, back up package, and domain name services to the tune of $300 – and my acceptance of what is flew out the window. They auto-renewed 10 days before all of those services expired, so I figured I could cancel everything. But was I ready to do that? No. Yet, I challenged myself, why was I throwing away $300 if I wasn’t blogging? I couldn’t answer that one, but I knew I wasn’t ready to have it all vanish.

    I want to return to it one day. And until then, I guess I need to learn more acceptance. Not easy when I’m a black and white person who wants to do something full-on or else chuck it. Blogging challenges that every time I think of it, and that’s not such a bad thing, really.

    Thanks for your post.

    • Hmmm. . . Interesting. I guess you bring up one additional reason I like blogging at wordpress– it’s free! Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. It is always great to hear from you.

  13. Ok – so I just HAD to comment on this post because I’m emptying out my sometimes overwhelming inbox and came to this post which I’d obviously saved because I thought “Interesting. I shall read that when I have a moment.” And then? May 24. Yeah.

    So when do I find time for blogging? Apparently a bit more frequently than I find time to get through all the posts I fully intended to read and comment on! But yes – I take the point. Now that both kids are so, up and at ’em all day, I certainly have less time than previously (and less energy) to post. Finding time – and the inclination – can be a challenge. I try to aim for twice a week and don’t beat myself up to badly if I skip a week.

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