Stop, think and breathe.IMG_6651
Take more walks.
Speak my truth.
Don’t take car selfies.
Write more poems.
Allow myself to be swept away when I see the ocean.
Hug more.
Text Dad photos of the kids.
Call my sister.
Tell people I love them.
Be kind.
Be kinder.
Sit still, and when I feel I can sit no longer, sit longer.
Do not worry about bedtime.
Forgive others.
Forgive myself.
Make mindful purchases and try to save money.
Live fiercely and quietly.
Don’t try to explain.
Drink green tea.
Wear jasmine perfume.
Buy green cleaners/makeup/soaps.
Nap whenever there is a chance.
Watch the children play.
Stand back when they fight so they can learn how to solve their differences.
Do things slowly.
Forget the time. Be late, even.
Don’t worry about dinner.
Let him know.
Believe in abundance.
Don’t get anxious about carbs or protein or sugar or caffeine or yoga or cross fit or the mom across the street.
Live one moment at a time. Then live the next. (I’ve done it before, and I will do it again.)
Let go of expectations.
Ask for help.
Drop the storyline.
Believe in just enough.
Eat more cheese.

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