The Post In Which I Use the Word “Transition” Way More Than I Should


There is no air conditioning in my office today, giving a completely new meaning to my sarcastic term, “social work sweat shop.”

I’m trying to stay as still as possible, like a lizard on a hot rock, because every time I move my asthmatic lungs decide they don’t really want to work.

Everything has been okay, well mostly, in my world since my midnight rampage meditation the other night.  I didn’t tell anyone to eff off, so I guess that is good.

I also turned 40, and you’ll be happy to know I still don’t look a day over 39.  So, that’s pretty cool too.

Summertime brings a lot of transitions into a mother’s life.  The kids are out of school, work ebbs and flows, and there are all kinds of new activities in which to partake.  Sometimes these transitions can be festive.  Other times they can be sorta’ frightening and frazzling.

My family is adjusting to our new summer schedule at, which for me is the same crazy pace of trying to get business casual and out the door in the morning while running the gauntlet of potty-training my daughter, fending off my son’s projectile insults du jour, and reminding my husband this and that about this and that.

Initially, school ended for Jack, and the tension in the house deflated.  We allowed him to stay up a little later, sleep in, and lounge around for a few days.  We were lucky to arrange child care with family, thereby avoiding the social transitions and high costs of summer camp for him.  Emily’s schedule does not change very much; she continues to go to daycare and is home with us when we are home, but she definitely caught the celebratory summer vibe and has been living it up on copious amounts of birthday cake.

But after a few days of easy, breezy living, the lack of schedule seems to be lending itself to tantrums and trouble transitioning from one activity to the other, mostly for our temperamental little bear, Jack.  Although these times seem to be less frequent and shorter in duration, they are still pretty intense when they happen, and being drenched in sweat and stink seems to make it even harder to stay grounded.

We also started Jack at a new karate dojo after the old one screwed with the schedule and changed his classes all around.  His new dojo is very Zen, and less pumped up and militaristic.  It is also much smaller, so he will get more focused attention on his technique and skill.  These are all good things, but it still felt awkward to leave the cult other studio after practically living there for the past year.  I was going to write a post about my mixed feelings on it, entitled Breaking Up is Hard To Do, but I never got around to it.

Which brings me to my next point:  Due to having the kids both home during my “down time” (aka the baby’s nap), I may not be able to post as early and often this summer.  I’ve had a few ideas of posting poems and photos to keep current and share my life with you all, but sometimes the demands of my schedule drains the creative right out of me and I lose a bit of my blogging mojo.

I also thought maybe I would invite some guest bloggers. .  .  anyone interested?

It’s hard.  Summer is nice, but it also brings about a lot of transitions, and sometimes transitions can just feel. . .  really. . .  transitional.  (I’m sorry.  It really is hotter than birth in here today.  Heat make brain no workey good.)

I’m trying to be aware of how not being able to post as often churns up anxiety for me, and to sit and accept that anxiety. I worry people will stop reading or interacting here with me, that I will get stale and uninspired, that I will miss out on connecting with other moms and bloggers.

But please don’t leave or give up on me!!  I will still be here, reading and commenting on your posts and writing when I am able.  As usual, please feel free to like, comment on,  share my posts and encourage friends and friends of friends to follow Momaste–  it means all the world to me!

How are you?  What are you up to this summer?  Does your summer schedule affect your ability to blog regularly?  How do you deal with this? 


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  1. Yep. I get it on not being able to post as regularly, though I have little posting regularity as it is. Mine only gets worse during the crazy summer months. You could always post random photos or links that interest you that you’d like to share. Most everyone I follow seems to post less during the summer. Stay cool and good luck with air-conditioning issue. That sounds dreadful…

  2. Yeah, I find blogging slows down significantly in the summer. As for guest posting…every time I’ve had a guest poster on either this blog or The Daily Awe (which has a significantly higher readership), I don’t get much engagement. I think readers appreciate the relationship they form with a particular blogger. Unless a guest post is really going to wow and knock socks off, I’d say just accept that there will be some crickets when you’re really busy.

  3. I’ll be reading whenever you get around to posting. My own posting is so erratic – life is busy and while I am always writing posts in my head, they just don’t often make it to the screen. It’s winter here though! Solstice has just passed and so we are moving toward the light 🙂 Meaning that there is much more time spent inside (= possibly more time to post??) than those of you in the northern hemisphere.

  4. My increasing moodiness and inability to sleep a regular schedule due to this squid growing inside me have zapped my will to blog. I’m working on it, though. We also don’t have AC at home and it’s hurting my soul.

  5. Summer definitely offers new scheduling challenges. I have to get up a lot earlier if I want to blog, because it’s much more difficult when everyone is home! But I do enjoy the change, and it’s bittersweet when you know the nest is getting closer to empty. One of the challenges is making sure there’s a balance between being too busy and having nothing to do in the summer. I like schedules and not having them makes me a little crazy! But I know my kids need down time.

    I’d love to be a guest blogger and would read/write something that fits the vibe of your blog. Just let me know!

  6. I have been truly terrible about posting regularly since my daughter turned one. Life has just been crazy in general. So I can relate, even though my lack of posting isn’t necessarily tied to summer.

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