10 Random Reflections On A Saturday


1.)  This is not my usual Silent Saturday post, nor is it my Saturday SHOUT Out.  It could have been, but it is not.

2.)  a.  Weekends are freaking brutal.  BRUTAL!!  Why does leaving the playground always have to result in a crazy tantrum and my six year old biting my husband through his coat so hard that it leaves a mark.  Playing cruise director so these little scamps won’t get bored, hungry, overtired, irritable, constipated, frustrated, dehydrated, or whatever is more exhausting than going to work and dealing with the second-hand trauma-fatigue that comes with being a clinical social worker.

b.  Being mindful as a mom is really freaking hard.  It is possible, but it is sometimes torture.  Kind of like being mindful during an accident where your brain is trying very hard to convince you you want to go far, far away in your mind to protect you from the stress and trauma.

c.  The above statement makes me sound like an ungrateful jerk who doesn’t appreciate my kids.  I do.  It’s just been a really long week and I’m exhausted.  And I still have cleaning, grocery shopping, and laundry to do.

3.)  The boy made a blanket fort and let his sister go in it and he read her stories for a full five minutes without fighting.  I think he was doing penance for the playground tantrum.  Listening to his voice, muffled by the blankets, I thought if I died right now I would die with the biggest happiness in my heart.  Motherhood sure is a fickle and bipolar experience.

4.)  Screw this, maybe I’ll just post that picture of a crocus and call it Silent Saturday.

5.)  Yeah, it’s really not safe to swim in my stream of consciousness.

6.)  While I’m on the subject, I watched some bits of Brokeback Mountain last night.  Honestly, it was the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen.

7.)  Not enough wine.  And I’m in my PJs at 5 pm on a Saturday because life has beat me down just that far.

8.)  At least karate was successful this morning.  My son does everything he is told for an hour and a half while we are there.  He tries every move with confident obedience.  It is awe inspiring and hopeful. Sometimes he amazes me with his capability and intelligence, and other times I swear I can feel him turning my hair gray one strand at a time and it is excruciating.

9.)  My husband bought my daughter new sneakers this week.  They are the pinkest, most sparkly pair of shoes you have ever seen.  They light up and they have a plastic heart with Sleeping Beauty on them.  My daughter is in love with them.  I was shocked when I saw them.  I would have bought her the most sensible, durable, and versatile pair of sneakers, but he went and bought her the most whimsical and amazing pair.  It enchanted me, I must admit.

10.)  What was I thinking taking TV away from the boy after the biting tantrum?  It is going to be a long night.  I want to treasure every moment of life with these unique and fascinating little creatures, but man, weekends are brutal.  Brutal, I tell you, BRUTAL!!  Well, maybe it’s not that bad. . .


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  1. My little is still very little, so I haven’t yet had to endure the trials and tribulations of parenting a really busy toddler/preschooler/etc….This scares me a little. But as I sit here reading blogs, I have piles of laundry to fold and put away, only so I can start the process all over again with 4 more loads. My mom used to say “A woman’s work is never done” and I remember rolling my eyes as a teenager. Now, I know she’s right. But I’d like to swap out “woman” for “mother”. A mother’s work is boring, tedious, HARD, and…sometimes, downright glorious. And never done.

    • So true. . . You have to take those five minutes of heaven and milk them so that the 55 minutes of tantrum don’t kill you! I think I was just in a mood because I was really sick and tired all week. . . this too shall pass. Thanks for the support! xox.

  2. Word!! I was thinking the same thing — as in I am so ready for this weekend to be over so that my little people can go back to school and I can get some work done, yet I feel so grateful because there have been moments that have melted my heart and made me want to freeze time. The energy that it takes to keep everyone (including the adults in my case) on an even keel is just insane. AND, as I’m watching the monsoon from my kitchen window and listening to my children trying kill each other in the bedroom, I’m very much regretting taking away TV today — even though it is the ideal currency and the consequence for dumping the entire contents of my purse in the floorboard of the car while I quickly ran back into the house to get my wallet. Ahhhh!! There’s never enough wine!!! Thanks for the laugh and happy Sunday!

    • I am very grateful for your comment, and also very happy that you could appreciate the tongue and cheek of my post. It is always something, that is for sure! We managed to stay consistent with our discipline choices this weekend, but I’ll tell you, by the time came, I was already too tired for wine! xox.

  3. I like your list and agree with quite a few of them. It’s funny about the shoes, when it comes to the kids stuff DH always wants plain. When memere and papere bought my son ones that light up he complained for weeks, but I thought they were super mega awesome LOL. Now where’s that wine??? ;-P

    • I was glad he bought the special ones. . . it made me stop and think about why I always feel the need to be sensible, but childhood is so short and I think it is nice for the little ones to be indulged from time to time. He’s way better at that than I am. Hope you got and enjoyed some wine! I was too tired for mine by the time wine time came around! xox.

  4. Hey! At least you posted. By mid-day Saturday I knew I wasn`t getting a blog post out this weekend. I spent most of Sunday in and out of naps I was so wiped from my week. Thankfully the kids slept lots too. And were okay with a TV day… Hope next week and weekend are better.

    • Haha! Well, I started writing the post on Saturday, but then didn’t actually post it until late on Sunday. . . so. . . yeah. How nice and lucky for you that you got naps this weekend, and also that your kids slept. My daughter is early bird so I am almost always up for the day with her at 6:30 or earlier. Sigh… BTW, I thought I was already following your blog, but I clicked on it again and followed it again. I really like your posts and now hopefully they will show up in my reader! 😉

      • For what’s it worth it’s a bit of an anomaly – we went out of town on Saturday to visit family so schedules went a bit out the window this weekend – I spent Sat. night “sleeping” in the same bed with my two kids (so not so much) – but by the time we all got home early Sunday everyone was pretty wiped.

        Thanks for the kinds words re: my blog – I enjoy yours as well – so it’s very nice to hear!

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