Not A Morning Person


The early mornings, late nights and frequent wake-up calls that came with parenting were definitely a rude awakening for me.  I’ve never been a morning person.  I’ve never really been too much of a night owl either.

I could more accurately be described as a “two or three hours in the late morning/middle of the day” person.

Coffee is a MUST HAVE in my house in the mornings.  I set it up the night before so I can simply flip the switch when I get up with Emily and then have a fresh brew by the time I am done nursing and cuddling her, and am ready to get into the shower.  Yes, I take my cuppa with me into the bathroom.

So, I totally get the grouchy morning thing.

But my son, Jack, who is six and a half, has RAGE mornings.  Not every morning, but every once in a while.  He wakes up sweet enough with a sleepy dusted “Hi, Mama,” but then around the time he has to get dressed, things go awry.  Every little transition is arduous and angry.  Putting on socks is a Herculean task.

When his father or I offer our loving assistance, we are yelled at, called names, and have the bedroom door slammed in our face.  Consequences for this behavior has not seemed to help very much, and if implemented during the morning rage hour, only serve to enhance the terror.

Sometimes eating breakfast helps.  Other times the irritability continues right out to the bus.

I know mornings are the bane of the working mom’s existence.  And I’ve never been a morning person, so I understand Jack’s grumpiness.  But man oh man!  I just wish we could have picturesque and peaceful mornings here!

Talk to me!  Do you have a ragey kid in your house in the morning?  How do you handle your morning routine to minimize frustration and fury?!  


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  1. oooh I feel for you… I had weeks and weeks of my daughter waking up screaming in the morning and this morning she woke up singing mama, mama, mama, daddy, daddy, daddy. The time I arrived in her room she was laughing, it was so sweet and so relaxing. Well of course she woke up way too early so I didn’t have the time to wash or eat before and had to rush after, but it was a start… I am not a morning person either (but you become one the day you give birth) and I need some time by myself, just reading on the morning. If I do not have this period of loneliness I can be grumpy all day!

  2. It’s funny you posted this. I WAS a morning person. But now that I still have to wake up in middle of night to a crying baby it has thrown off my schedule. I get up when she does and then rush to work. I hope I can get back into a schedule that will allow me my “me” time of just working out before starting my day.

  3. Growing up, my younger brother was the ragey morning kid and, somehow, I was the morning person. I actually wish we had a picture of my brother in the morning, about age 7, pre-breakfast: his bed head was sky high and in all directions, his look of death could kill a hamster, and his high pitched voice screamed in protest of any sort of intervention.
    As for me, I slowly grew out of being a morning person, and now that I am unemployed, I sleep in dangerously late. I’m up for a rude awakening in a few months…..

  4. Oh how I relate. I’m not a morning person at all. My kids aren’t rage-y in the morning, though they can be at other times, but they get very distracted and nothing seems to work to get them moving independently. I put out their clothes at night and try to have something easy and quick for breakfast, but I don’t give them a lot of time even though it seems this would work best. I get up earlier & try to get myself together, but really I only allow 30 mins from the time they wake up until they have to walk out the door, but I literally have to march behind them — get them dressed, and though mine are 6 and 5, I still do a lot of the dressing them in the morning and they have to be completely dressed (shoes included) before they eat. After a quick breakfast, I escort them to the bathroom to brush teeth quickly and then out the door. If they are grumpy I just keep repeating — “I know, mornings are not fun” — before the next command, and I do my best to be as chipper as possible but it is total BS because I LOATHE mornings. My husband drops our kids at school on his way to work, so it’s easier for me since I work from home. After they leave I can get myself together before I start my work day. As soon as they leave, I collapse and catch my breath before my day begins. One other thing I do sometimes is play music in the morning and I let the kid that’s being the most cooperative pick the music. It’s kind of a mood boost for all of us even though it’s a little thing. I feel you though. Mornings are rough. I’ve been known to lose it on various family members and then I feel guilty ALL day. I guess I’m the rage-y morning person in our house. Ugh.

    • Playing music is a really good idea. Music can be so helpful in lifting spirits or changing a mood… I like that one. My son is married to a routine of watching a show on TV in the morning (usually something on PBS like Curious George), and if he isn’t ready in time for that we can really see some fireworks!

  5. My son drew a list of things he has to do in the morning – cute drawings – and I wrote the words. He was about 5 or 6 then. This seemed to help give him some structure. Also, The Explosive Child by Ross Greene has been pretty valuable for us!

    • I started reading the Explosive Child and really liked it… need to go back and finish it if I ever get a moment! That was a great way to empower your son to help himself in the mornings– I love that idea!

  6. I am definitely a morning person but, unless everyone in your house is like that, there will always be morning get-out-of-the house problems! It was always insane when my kids were really young and we would have to get to the bus stop. I’d be nursing and watching the clock and things would be spilling and kids would be crying and someone would be in the bathroom needing help! It’s all a big blur now but the one thing I did was insist we walk out the door at a specific time, ready or not. You can do that when only one needs to get to school and the others are still home. It must be very hard to have the whole group dressed and lunches made and backpacks ready every morning, for you too! Don’t know how working people cope with that stress!

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