Life Is Too Short Not To Be Comfy


20140316-163941.jpgIt is 3:42 on Sunday afternoon.  I just changed from my jeans into my pajama pants and slippers.

I hesitated for a moment before I did this, thinking it perhaps a bit slovenly.  But here’s the thing:  I’m not really comfortable in jeans.  It’s Sunday, I’m in for the rest of the afternoon, and I want to be comfy.

Sure, I could have changed into “yoga” pants for the remainder of the afternoon, but in a few more hours I would have just had to change into PJ’s anyway, and that seemed a bit of work.

I mean, it’s Sunday.

A day of “rest”.

I put “rest” in quotes because as a mom, there is seldom ever such a thing as rest sans quotes.  Both my kids are sick- one is puking and one is coughing.  I did about six loads of laundry, cleaned the house, went grocery shopping, fed and bathed people.  So, as you can see, I’m not really being lazy.  I just want to be cozy in clothes that are flexible and soft.  It’s not like I’m wearing them out of the house or anything.

After talking myself through all of that, I slid into my flannel, Christmas jammie pants.  In a dim recess of my brain, I am aware there are some people who would sneer at me for “giving up” by putting pajamas on in the middle of the afternoon, like I have no pride or fashion sense.  I could care less.  It feels great; not like giving up at all, rather like embracing all the delightful comforts life has to offer me.  On the Sunday.  When my kids are sick and grouchy.  And I’m tired from being incredibly productive this weekend.

So there.

Life is too short to be uncomfortable.

How do you like to be comfortable?  


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  1. Whoa. Chill. It’s cool with me. I have come home from picking up the kids at 4:00 and gone right upstairs to put on flannel jammies. On a sunny day. With two healthy children who were still in and out of the yard. I mean, really. I wasn’t going outside again, so why can’t I be comfortable for that 4-8 shift? And for the record, most days I am wearing something similar to yoga pants during the day, so not constricting like work clothes, or jeans.

    I say you’re smart. 😉

  2. Lounge pants and a tank top! Lately I’ve noticed I am wearing darker colors, could it be because I know I will get food splattered all over me during meal time?

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