This Post Brought To You By The Sun


I thought I should take a moment to give you a brief update, after the somewhat maudlin post about my mood I wrote a couple weeks ago.

Things have been mostly better.  The convergence of a few factors seem to have positively influenced my ill temper.  First, I blogged it out, and that almost always makes me feel better.  Second, you all wrote in such amazing, supportive, and empathetic comments- the effect of which was profound.  So, thanks for that!

Third, I got my period.  Um, yeah, sorry if that is TMI, but as I get older, my PMS gets more erratic and abundant.  I have about ten days a month where my hormones seem stable, my head is clear, and my mood is upbeat.  I’ll leave it at that.

Fourth, things at work have been a little less insane (no pun intended, haha!), which has made a tiny amount of psychic space more available.

And finally, I believe it is no coincidence that the sun has been beaming.  Even on the days when it is still bitterly cold, the clean, clear light prevails as a natural mood enhancer.  While the weekdays have been frigid over the past two weeks, the weekends have actually been quite mild.  So, I’ve gotten my blubbery body out of doors with the hubs and kids in tow.  We’ve gone walking down by the bay, and splashed around the muddy playground.  I got a couple of power walks and the endorphin surge was euphoric!

There have been times over the past couple weeks when I’ve been grouchy or have felt hopeless.  But they have been moments as opposed to entire days.  I’m thinking maybe I’m pulling up and out of the depression, and that maybe spring will see me back on a more even keel.  Fingers crossed!

A fellow blogger over at Psychobabble (great blog, check her out!) wrote a post about her own struggles with depression last week.  It really resonated with me.  It’s called Reminders, and is about trying to remember what feeling good is like when we are feeling bad.  She wrote about using journaling to record those good days, so there is something to go back and read to help us remember during the not so good.  Anyway, it was a great post, and helpful.

I don’t journal with paper and pen like I used to.  But I have Momaste.

So, even if the depressing feelings do resurface (and I know they probably will some day), this post can serve as a reminder for me about feeling good.

This post was brought to you by love and light and happy days.  Momaste!

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out!
    And yes – SUN. I recently moved from Northern California to Portland, Oregon and boy do I miss the sun. When it comes out, even if it’s just for a few moments, I try to run outside and expose some skin. It really helps.
    (I just read that back and it sounds like I am flashing people, ha. For the record, it’s just pulling up my sleeves, closing my eyes, and turning my face in its general direction.)

    • Oh, I’m glad you liked it. I wrote the post and then thought I should have done it as an actual Saturday Shout Out for you. . . sorry about that. Sometimes my brain isn’t so organized, lol! And for the record, I would support you if you were flashing people in Portland… I hear that in Germany they lay around naked in public parks on their lunch breaks to catch the sun, so why not Oregon? 😉

  2. So happy to read this post! I’m right there with you on the sunshine. It seems to have hidden again today and there were snowflakes in the air. I hope it’s just winter’s last blast. Also with you on the PMS. Seriously. Why is finding a cure for PMS not higher on the list of medical research priorities? My sister swears by taking a b-complex and I’m going to try it myself.

    • B complex, huh? Let me know how that works out. I will have to google it and see what it is all about. I would love to find something safe and natural to even things out a bit…

  3. So happy to hear that you’re feeling better. And oh my gosh, yes, PMS can be flat dreadful. The closer I get to 40 the worse it gets. I too feel like I have about 10 good days a month. I feel like I’m always plugging my former posts on here, but I swear, so much that you write resonates strongly with me. I’ll have to look back but I had a great therapist when I was suffering from serious depression when my kids were really little who suggested to me and my husband that we needed to plan around my PMS. I thought it sounded a little nutty at the time, but I need to get back to doing that — easy meals, Gil does more of the tasks that I can’t seem to manage without losing it on the entire household. I think I wrote about it, but maybe not — my brain has been foggy with the time change. Cheers to warmer weather and sunshine!!

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