Just a Phase


There have been many so-called “phases” in child-rearing that I have enjoyed.  There have also been phases which I have NOT enjoyed, but this is a post about the former.

With my first child, I was not really in tune with the phenomena we parents call “phases.”  As a first-timer at the parent rodeo, I lacked that stuff called perspective, and mistakenly thought certain things would last forever- colic, teething crankiness, gummy smiles, sleep deprivation.  Well, I’m convinced that if you are a parent, sleep deprivation is an eternal phase (thereby not a phase at all), but you get my point. It was just as easy to live in constant dread of things that lasted maybe a few weeks to a couple months, as it was to take for grated other things that were fleeting in the grand scheme of things.

With Jack, we had some favorite phases–  Mister Rogers, trucks, trains, and Sandra Boynton books, to name a few.  We celebrated his love for trucks, finding work sites to drive him past, and buying him every manner of truck to play with at home.  It tugs at my heart in a painful way now when we pass a backhoe or front end loader and he pays it no heed.

Right now, Jack is into karate, and I am praying that is a phase that lasts at least a few years, because I am loving it almost as much as he is.

Emily is four years younger than Jack, so we haven’t had quite as many phases with her, but right now, she is in a phase I totally dig- tutus.  She wears one with everything, including sweat pants and her pajamas.  She has about six different tutus, a few meant to be worn as clothing, and a few meant for dress up clothes that she inherited from some girly cousins who outgrew them.

Her favorite tutu is purple satin, overlaid with sparkly lavender lace.  Seriously, when I was little, I would have gladly killed a man for this garment.  And yeah, I would have worn it with everything too.

This purple tutu is meant for playing dress up, but Emily wears it almost all-day-every-day, and sleeps in it too.  We peel it off her to wash it from time to time, but for the most part, we are indulging this phase.  She spins and twirls and dances with her baby dolls in her purple tutu.

One day she was blissfully dancing when she fell flat on her face and I had to rush her into the pediatrician, convinced she broke her nose.  Her nose was not broken, just very swollen, and purple to match her beloved tutu.  The doctor chuckled at my daughter marching around the office in her footed-fleece blanket pj’s with the tutu layered on top, her owl hat with the large pom-poms, and her winter coat.  My beautiful, deranged, little hippie chick.

Maybe she will grow up and become a dancer and wear real and amazing tutus.  Or maybe she will lose interest in tutus altogether in a few more weeks.  Either way, I’m riding out this phase for all it’s worth, wringing every ounce of pleasure out of that grubby tutu on my chubby darling.

What phases do/did you love with your child/children?  Were there any phases you shudder to remember?  


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  1. Reblogged this on boof & monk-monk and commented:
    Potamus is in a straw hat phase. It started out as one of those dapper little Easter hats, but the way he pulls it down on his head…paired with sleeping in it every night for the past 2 (going on 3) weeks, it looks more fisherman/cowboy hat than the dapper dude I know him to be. He wakes up in the middle of the night saying “ha(t) ha(t)” and pointing to his head, until we retrieve it from the nightstand or out from under the pillow where he smooshed it in slumber. He gets many compliments on it when we’re out and about, and I look at people with a crazy eye because seriously, the hat has spaghetti sauce on the brim, and I love that he’s asserting his personality, but I wish he’d take it off for a few minutes so I can wash it!

  2. One of my sons wore a Batman Beyond Halloween costume almost every day for about a year. We also went through the construction trucks phase with all of them and I loved that time! We have been through the “sassy” phase with all if them and the “you don’t know anything” phase that comes with the preteen and teen years. Not a big fan of those phases! But the one phase I will truly miss is the toothless grin phase. Our youngest just lost his last baby tooth so the Tooth Fairy is finished at our house!

    • I have a sense that the early phases are going to be a lot more “cute” than the “tween” phases. . . And I agree that the toothless grin phase is unbearably sweet and I miss it too!

      • Well I am actually enjoying most of the teenager phases. It’s great seeing them grow into adults! Sass is just a little bit of it. And there are always grandchildren to look forward to for the cute baby fix. Eeeek!

  3. My son had been in a train phase for about 7 Years, my daughter just dances everywhere and it tickles me each time she does it. I don’t miss the waking up every 4 hours at night that my 7 year old had until 6 months ago.

    • Oooohhhh, trains are fun! We tried to impose a train phase at our house, but it never really took, sadly. As for the dancing phase, I don’t think that ever grows old. I love to watch little guys move their bods in joyful ways– it is just pure, unabashed motion! Thanks for sharing!

  4. My daughter has entered the stairs phase if such a thing exist. Every night we’re fooling around on our bed with her father, hiding under the duvet etc etc… Sunday night she descended of the bed, took her father by the end, called me, took my hand and in a very decided fashion led us through the corridor and started climbing the stairs (big ones in stone in this very impractical rental house). Since then she spends her time climbing and descending the stairs, this morning she even climbed 6 marches on her own while chasing the cat and meowing after him…

    • The stair phase must be somewhat adorable for all her pride and determination, but also slightly exhausting and stressful for you who have to keep her safe! I totally have been there. We don’t have any stairs at our house, but when we go to other houses, my daughter is all about stairs!

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