Sunday SHOUT Out– Grief Happens


Wait, what?  A Sunday SHOUT Out?  Isn’t the SHOUT Out supposed to happen on Saturday?  Why, yes.  Yes it is.

Unfortunately, while my intention to celebrate the attitude of gratitude by dedicating a post to a fellow friend/blogger on Saturday was a good one, I didn’t quite take into consideration exactly what my Saturdays already entail…  Karate, cleaning, shopping, chasing the toddler around so she doesn’t mosh into wooden furniture.  You know, the usual.

Last night, I passed out into bed and just as I was drifting off to sleep, I realized that I never did my post.  So, I kind of decided that I would make the Saturday SHOUT Out a thing that I do when I can do it, and not drive myself even crazier, or beat myself up for being crappy about gratitude.  Because I’m not crappy.  I’m just awfully busy, stressed, and tired.

(As a side note my 365 days of gratitude page has fallen waaaaaaaaaayyyyyy behind. . .  I may chuck it all together, but haven’t decided yet.)

Anyway, there was a blogger I really wanted to recognize this week.  I wrote a post on Monday, bemoaning my foul mood of late, and had a glut of amazing comments.   Vivianne from  Grief Happens commented on my post and left me a link to a wonderful post she wrote a couple years ago called Stuff I Screw Up.  

Her post really spoke to how it feels to be a mom swimming upstream in modern parenting and feeling like a constant failure–  something to which I could really relate last week.

There is something so powerful just knowing that other moms out there go through the same stuff, and feel similar conflicts.  Alone, we can feel so fragile and isolated on the island of motherhood, but together there is strength and connection.

So, here’s to Vivianne and her lovely blog and her wonderful post!  Check her out if you get a moment–  her blog is awesomely honest and real.  And thanks to all the other mamas out there who make the world a better and brighter place by supporting and empathizing with other moms in their moment of need.


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  1. Hi, I agree that it definitely helps to know that other moms are out there running the race. I had a relaxed day yesterday and now TODAY is my busy day…food shopping, laundry, haircuts, a basketball game and then dinner. And I’ve barely begun. Argggghh!

  2. Wow! Thank you SO very much! I’m honored, humbled and just very much appreciative to you for the shout out. I believe we really are all just fumbling through and figuring it out as we go. Your post really spoke to me because I had been there. Reading such a vivid description immediately took me back to moments where I have felt like such a complete failure and my heart truly ached for you. I’ve read your blog and know you to be an amazing mom and partner and social worker and PERSON. I wanted you to be able to see yourself that way. Unfortunately that’s what depression robs us of — the ability to recognize how incredible we really are. Thank you again for being you and sharing yourself (even the parts you feel are not so lovely) with all of us. Sending you love and hope for happier days.

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