Wintery Mix


Outside my apartment, the snow is mixing with rain or sleet or freezing rain.  I don’t know.  It is crazy precipitation out there.  I have a delay going into work and am spending my “free” hours in my yoga pants, watching TV with the children, doing laundry, drinking coffee.  I’ve always felt the snow gives the world a damp hush, and have never been sure if it is melancholy or comforting.

As the soft snow changes over, an icy crackle meets my windows.

Without looking up, I hear a behemoth snow plow trundle down the street and imagine its blade sparking against the pavement beneath the thick crust of snow and ice.

Memories and thoughts flicker and turn in my mind like so many snowflakes.

Should I write about excessive use of TV during a snow day?

Should I write a poem about the weather?

Should I write about the cocktail I invented by mixing pear infused vodka with ginger beer?

Should I write about all of the psychic space taken up in my head with horror stories from work?

Should I grab my Pema Chodron and try to find some peace?

Should I write about love long lost?  Or should I post a photo of a messy corner of my house?

The thoughts come and go, and part of me wonders what the difference is between insanity and inspiration.  I could write about all of those things, but mostly, I just want to sit here, with you, on this winter day, as the snow turns to ice and rain and back again.



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  1. Beautiful. It’s a nightmare outside today – snow, freezing rain, gales of wind. I hate it. I’m so, so fed up with winter. I’m tired of wearing ugly boots everywhere I go. Sick of dressing the baby up in layer upon layer just to go to daycare.

    But this? This made me almost appreciate the peace that can come on a winter day. Thank you.

    • Gosh, thank you so much. Yes, layering babies is a burden, especially with all the hub bub about how you aren’t supposed to put them in their carseats in their snowsuits, or coats, etc. Spring will come! In the mean time, thank you so much for reading!

  2. beautiful post… Enjoy being warm at home. We have storms forecast for tonight and the week-end and I think i’ll have snow (lots of …) in Switzerland next week.
    “Memories and thoughts flicker and turn in my mind like so many snowflakes.” : so beautifully written, in French we say: “tu as une plume” (you’ve got a quill) when someones conveys so well ideas, feelings and impressions. Tu as une plume Charlotte

      • It is wonderful… Still I prefer it on the roofs, the trees and the slopes than on the road, and it seems that monday will see heavy falls… we’ll see! xoxo

    • OMG it is so good, and so easy– just ginger beer shaken up with some ice and pear vodka. If I were really fancy, I would serve it with a cinnamon sugar or ginger sugar rim, or a little clump of candied ginger. . . Of course, I know you won’t be enjoying for another few months. . . 😉

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