A Mother’s Anxiety Attack On Sunday At Six p.m.


Six p.m. winter darkness fills my room,

my heart races and my mouth burns to vomit

as the children race and rage in the other room.

A peaceful-ish day suddenly changed course,

delivered me painful task of breathing, and the urge

to start screaming and never stop.

. . .

Not even the womb is so dark, with the pillow over my head.

My pupils strain to welcome any light, but there is none.

I close my eyes, wondering if this is what it is like, in the black

at the bottom of the ocean, but no,

I can still hear noises from other rooms,

muffled though they are.

. . .

After five minutes, maybe ten, through my breathing,

I sense the quick flap of my daughter’s feet, in her fleece jammies,

as she enters my room, climbs my bed, and pokes me

gently in the stomach.

She pulls the pillow from my head and

curls into my embrace.


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  1. seriously, i may kill my iPad. anyway, what i was saying…i’m one of those writer/readers who look at the writing first. so i read this and thought, wow! look at those great verbs, and listen to those sounds, and look at all the stuff i can see. great writing, this a a great piece, but further, anxiety and small children, i get it and i hope things have improved. thank you for shining a light.

    • Hi. Well, wow, thank you so much. I totally dig your blog and love your writing, so this means a lot to me, coming from the likes of you! I really appreciate the comment, though. I feel like I get a lot of views and “likes” on my poetry (maybe b/c it is short and easy to read?), but no one ever really comments on it (fear? confusion? boredom?). So, it is awesome that you took the time not only to read, but to also comment. Thank you from my heart. xo.

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