MY Inaugural Saturday SHOUT Out– January 25th 2014, Boof And Monk Monk


Today I would like to give a very, super, happy, fun, yippie skippie, and warm shout out to my pal Monk Monk over at her blog, Boof and Monk Monk.  If you do one thing today, check.  her.  out.

Even though we’ve never met IRL, I’m pretty sure Monk Monk and I were twins separated at birth.  We have this weird blogging kismet where we come up with similar thoughts or topics at the same time, have similar senses of humor, and share similar interests.  Oh and we are both six-foot-tall social workers and mothers of toddlers.  If we hung out together we would constantly be saying, “Jinx, you owe me a coke!” (or a cosmo),  because we would both just be saying the same stuff at the same time.  The only difference between us is that she lived in India and I’m terrified of snakes.  True story.

Monk Monk and I found each other through the former Offbeat Families site, where we had both guest posted.  She commented on a piece I had written on sucking as a working mom and I was drawn to her Wonder Woman avatar like a moth to a flame.  Turns out we both blog here at WP, so it was easy to follow one another’s blogs, and we quickly became friends.  She never hesitates to leave a thoughtful comment or some supportive advice.

Monk Monk is a devoted wife and mom, and currently works as a teacher.  Her adorable little man, Sir Potamus, is often featured in her blogs, teaching her all kinds of life lessons.  She has a passion for heated yoga, her family, and taking photos in thrift stores.  She writes posts that are at once humorous, sensitive, and transcendent.  A recurring theme in her work is adoption, and being an adoptee who has connected with her birth family.

One of my favorite posts from Monk Monk is Coyote Mother.  Trickster Mother.  I love the poetry of this piece.  It has warmth, humor, truth, and strength that really resonated with me long after I read it.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Blog on Monk Monk, you gorgeous yogini!  Momaste loves you!

As many of you read in my teaser post yesterday, I am doing a new segment called Saturday SHOUT Out.  It is a chance for me to give a virtual, but loving pat on the back to a fellow blog-bud out there who has touched my life in a special way, as I have met some truly amazing people through the bloggie boogie.  It was exciting yesterday to see how well-recieved this idea was!  

If you would like to be featured on an upcoming SHOUT Out, please let me know either by emailing me, or in the comments below.  If would also be good karma if you check out the other featured blogs, and add them to your roster of blogs in your reader if you enjoy them, so that we are all sharing the love!   Hugs and MOMASTE!!  

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