Dinosaurs- A Book Review Of Sorts


Emily is in a bit of a dinosaur phase.  She stops to admire any that cross her path, squeals with delight about them, and attempts to say the word dinosaur.  It’s pretty freaking adorable, if you ask me, but I’m biased.

Jack never went through much of a dino phase, which was fine because he had so many other interests.  And I suppose there is still time.  Regardless, someone gave us a couple of those “How Does A Dinosaur. . .  ” books.  We own “How Does A Dinosaur Say Goodnight?” and “How Does A Dinosaur Say I Love You?”   I dug them out of the bookcase tonight to share with Em.  It is a challenge to get my active, physical toddler to sit still for story-time, but let me tell you, she listened to me read both of them through twice!


Reading these books by Jane Yolen and Mark Teague, I was reminded how fun they are.  They are written in a concise little rhyme scheme with absolutely charming illustrations.  There is are several more of them in addition to the two that we have, and you can find them in most libraries, bookstores, and of course on good old Amazon.

My personal favorite is “How Does A Dinosaur Say I Love You?”  Jack got the book as a Christmas gift when he was about Emily’s age, and had begun to exhibit some of that toddler-negativity.  I remember unwrapping the book with him and then starting to read it.  It actually brought tears to my eyes, and got me choked up, because it describes perfectly what it is like to live with an irracible little toddler in your midst–  one minute you want to tear out all your hair because they are grouchy and won’t nap, and then next you are melting because they are kissing and nuzzling on you.

It ends with the sentiment, “I’ll love you forever, my dinosaur,” or something to that effect.

True story.

What are your favorite books to read with your children these days?  


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  1. These books are amazing! I love the story, the flow of the words, the illustrations! They are so great! They too make me melt! They are so much fun and have so much heart! I also like have they have them in Spanish….great practice in my house…(Of course I am not allowed to read the Spanish ones..only Daddy is. I guess my accent is a little too hard on the ears! )

  2. You know our dog is a dickweasel. And Potamus is obsessed with a book called Ivan the Terrier. It’s about Ivan, a dog, who runs into different fairytales and disrupts them. He loves it. I love it. He especially loves it when Ivan causes destruction and I read his little “arf arf arf” barks with enthusiasm.

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