Unsolicited Advice


Here it is folks: the first ever post I wrote for Momaste. By some special act of cosmic whatever, someone finally read it! Seriously, it has been buried by my other posts, lost in the ether until just recently. And the reader left me such a kind and thoughtful response, I thought I would share it again in her honor, and maybe a couple other people will read it this time. I remember so vividly writing this post, how insecure and clueless I felt about the whole blogging thang. But blogging has given me a world of awesome. I’ve met so many wonderful moms, some of whom have become very dear friends. I actually considered deleting this post at one point because it just seemed stupid and puerile. But I am sharing it with you in honor of moms everywhere who support and care for one another without judgement or conditions. Momaste. . . the mom in me bows to the mom in you.


Listen to me because I’m a professional.  No really, I am.  What are you wondering or feeling insecure about?  Because I can help.  I will tell you how to solve and fix everything.

I sat at my desk at work today, pumping milk for my newborn baby, and I thought, I should be writing a blog right now.  Literally, right now.  So, I set it up.  Yes, that is right.  I set it up AS I was pumping.  I am just that good.  Are you wondering how I accomplished this feat of amazing multitasking?  Well, I will share my ingenuity with you–  I lashed together two elastic hair ties and hooked one around my pump horn and one onto my nursing bra hook.  Pure genius, although I must admit, not my original idea.  Another mom gave it to me.

Moms are awesome creatures.  Sometimes I look at another mother and…

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