Shhhhh. . . Don’t Wake The Baby New Year


Yesterday morning I woke and the whole world was hushed and blue with impending snow.  It felt like a quiet meant to keep unbroken, and with a smile I thought, oh, the little Baby New Year, only two days old, is sound asleep.

Of course you can imagine that lasted about 45 seconds until Jack started nipping at Emily to get away from his legos, and Emily started shouting that she did not want pancakes, she wanted oatmeal.

Many moons ago, it would have been a day I enjoyed napping and reading on the couch.

But children add a different sort of painful noise and chaos dimension to things, don’t they?

We did in fact get a snow.  Temps are near arctic, down in the single digits with wind chill factors well below.  So, sending the children out to play in the white stuff isn’t really an option, since taking people to the hospital to get frostbitten limbs amputated is not on my New Year’s Things To Do List.

We’ve been weathering the weather muchly indoors, rotating between games, TV, munching, and the like.  Every once in a while one of the kids erupts in some sort of rumpus that requires attention (although fortunately none of the medical sort!).

It looks pretty enough out there, but I am grateful to be indoors, where it is warm and there are still ample snacks left over from the holidays.  I guess I will probably feel this way for another hour or so until the cabin fever really sets in.

I’ve pondered about Momaste and if/how I will change anything for 2014.  Chances are I will continue to write about the challenges of motherhood, working as a social worker, and trying to stay sane mindful about it all.

I am toying with the idea of starting a page of gratitude photos, where I post a photo a day of something for which I am grateful, although I don’t know if that would be interesting to anyone besides me, and I do not post photos of my family here for many reasons. . .  so that might be a non starter.  We shall see.

I am also thinking of doing a weekly re-blog of some of my old posts, or of a post I read during the week that really struck me.  I haven’t done much re-blogging and don’t know if it is cool or lazy.  What do you think?

Is there anything you would like to see more of or hear more about here on Momaste?  Guest posts?  Photos?  Breastfeeding talk?  If so please feel free to let me know in the comments below!

OK, time to go get the Baby New Year up for a feeding (in other words, time to make myself a snack).

What are you up to today?  Are you someplace warm or cold?  What do you usually do with your children on days when the weather has you indoors? Do you have any plans to tweak your blog this year?


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  1. Zero degrees here this morning and no milk in the fridge so I think I will have to go out! I think re-blogs can be good, especially if the subject comes up again, and for new bloggers to see.

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