Merry Christmas!




While I am not a “believer” in the traditional sense, I do love images of the Mother Mary and Baby Jesus.  I found this gorgeous portrait at our local art museum of Mary nursing Jesus.  I thought it was the perfect image to share in honor of Christmas on Momaste, since A.) it is Baby Jesus, and B.) breastfeeding is one of my favorite topics to write about!  20131213-150727.jpg

I absolutely love the vibrance of the colors, and the tenderness of Mary holding her baby.  20131213-150757.jpg


Merry Christmas and Happy Seasonal Holidays to all of my friends out there!

Will you be nursing a baby this holiday season?  How do you feel about nursing in front of family and friends at holiday gatherings- is it awkward or do you feel confident and comfortable?  

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    • Hi Becca!! I got your other comment and couldn’t delete your last name, so I didn’t publish it… but thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment! It is always great to hear from other nursing mommies! My daughter is over two now and only nurses morning and before bed, so nursing in front of realtives isn’t really an issue anymore, but when it was I didn’t have too much of an issue b/c most in my fam have breast fed and are supportive. I am really lucky, because I know that isn’t the case for all! xo!

  1. What a gorgeous painting! I am still nursing my 20-month-old, but not in front of others at holiday parties, since she eats solid foods.

    • Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m in the same boat as you– my “baby” is 25 months, so she isn’t nursing during the day anymore… just when she first wakes and before bed at night. Makes me kind of sad…

  2. Beautiful picture. I never successfully nursed – but pumped faithfully for 9-10 months with each – so never an issue for me. Though slightly envious the times friends have done so in my presence and made it appear so effortless. So no issues with anyone who does it in front of friends and family.

    • I really believe that moms who pump are a whole different level of dedicated! I’ve never had a good response to artificial suction, so pumping was really hard for me and absolutely laborous and no fun! But on that same note, I also had a lot of nursing challenges that never made nursing in public exactly organic, especially since my bew-behs are enormous! So, yeah, I am jealous of those moms who make it look so easy and natural as well!

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