A Word To My Readers: I Always Feel Better After Blogging


Hey there!  So, yesterday I wrote a pretty gritty and raw post.   I try to keep things real here on Momaste.  Being authentic is really important to me, and I can guarantee you that anything you read here is the real deal. . .  of course that real deal sometimes changes from day to day.

So, sometimes I am merry and bright and able to blog sincerely about my many blessings.  Other days are gray and find me writing about my struggle to balance my responsibilities.

Blogging offers me an amazing opportunity to process myself in this way.  Writing here helps me stay mindful, aware of the automatic negative thoughts that can lead to increased anxiety and depression, and to figure out what I might need to do to turn things around for myself and my family.

It is like a channel into which I can jump, slice through the water with determination, or just float around for a bit.

Sometimes the answers are really clear.

Other times things remain murky and I continue to swim through what seems like bottomless wonder.

And once in a while there is no answer.

But I always feel a little better after blogging.  Sometimes I even feel a lot better.  Blogging has helped me to increase not only my self awareness, but also my self acceptance.

Regardless of what I find when I dive into a blog post, blogging also gives me the mind blowing opportunity to interact with you.  It means so much to me to hear from you, to chuckle with you, to feel your support and empathy- even on my grittiest days.

I often say that if everyone wore Dansko clogs there would be no war because people would have such comfortable feet, they would never feel like fighting.  Well, I also think if people had the chance to blog and interact with such a kind and respectful community, there would be an increase in peace.

I try my hardest to respond to everyone who comments here.  Your kind, goofy, wonderful words mean more than you will ever know.  I also try to check out your blogs and show my support in kind.  If there is a particular post you would like me to read, please feel free to add the link in the comments as sometimes my “Reader” doesn’t put up all the blogs I follow for some reason.

So, that’s all.  Just wanted to let you know I spring back like a cat.  And you rock my world.



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  1. If you can’t be real in your writing, what’s the point? I appreciate your honesty in your writing-it’s refreshing. 😀

  2. I have to say it: I always feel better after reading you! And I am so happy that we “met” across the Atlantic! I admire you for writing so regularly: I do not have a blog because I wouldn’t be able to write regularly but your views of life and motherhood are very precious for me too read! xoxo

    • I’m so glad we met too! It was though Offbeat Families, wasn’t it? You should start a blog! I would follow it, even if you only wrote once a month! It is a great outlet. It is also kind of fun just to post pictures when you are having a busy day and don’t have time to write a whole post, and living where you do, you would definitely have plenty good ones! xoxo.

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