The Mindless Little Things We Do That Drive Others Crazy




Really? Reeaallly??

A friend of mine on Facebook publicly chastised her husband for not putting the fresh roll of toilet paper on the roller. She even posted a photo of the fresh roll sitting atop the old, used-up one which was still on the roller.

My initial response was, really?  I wondered how rigid she must be to consider this a status-worthy photo and statement. I also imagined her husband must have the patience of a saint to put up with such nonsense. Such antics would mortify and annoy my own husband.

I pondered, then blushed as I remembered writing a Facebook status in my head that goes something like this:

I will be holding a seminar this weekend to teach how to fill the ice cube trays, pick up the bathmat, put cans in the recycling bin, and reuse one glass throughout the day so as not to clutter up the entire house with a plethora of cups and such. If you are interested in attending, or signing up your spouse, please inbox me.

Yeah, I get it. I’m a jerk. But at least I didn’t actually post it on Facebook and publicly humiliate my hubs, right?

Truth be told, there are many times I am tempted to gripe publicly (and loudly) about these mindless little things people do that drive me crazy.

At work this might be: For the love of all that is holy, would it kill you to refill the paper in the copy machine or put in a new bottle of water when you’ve drunk the last glass at the water cooler?

At home it sounds more like: Why are we tracking kitty litter all over the freshly vacuumed carpets, haven’t we learned by now how to wipe up globs of toothpaste, and is there a reason you’ve left your gardening gloves in the salad bowl again?

I think my friend’s status got under my skin so much because I recognized the rigidity with which I myself struggle. It isn’t one of my more attractive qualities and I know for a fact it drives others crazy both at home and at work when I obsess on minutia that has gone awry.

My husband complains very seldom about very little. Frankly, I was shocked when he wrote in sharpie across the top of the Britta pitcher “Please Refill.” It is one of his rare pet peeves– when the Britta pitcher is empty and allowed to dry out. But I wonder what else I do to make him insane.

Because I’m sure there must be plenty of stuff.

It’s good to remember I’m not perfect. It’s also good for me to check in with myself and try to figure out why all those silly things make me so nutty. Sometimes just being cognizant of the fact that my sense of order is being threatened is enough to make me chill.

Every once in a while, something happens that is like one of those zen gongs going off in my head, making me stop for a beat and remember mindfulness. My friend’s toilet paper photo was such a moment, and for that, I thank her.

What things drive you crazy? Do you have any behaviors or features of your personality that drive others batty? If so, what are they?


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  1. I must admit that I am sometimes the one that is not so happy about the empty toilet roll. I try to apply the 5 minutes rule: if something (empty toilet roll, table not cleaned, socks everywhere except where they belong etc…) bothers me, I try to wait 5 minutes to tell something. Most of the time I forget about it (aka it was not important!) and if after 5 minutes I feel the need to tell about it I explain why (because most of the time I feel overwhelmed by house work). I think that my endless collection of shoes and handbag can me be annoying, and when I say that my husband had to clean his mess in his side of the office whereas mine grows organically… But well I am the one working at home after all (maybe a lame excuse, but whatever!)

  2. My husband is the one who gets annoyed that I leave the toilet paper out. But I’m a wind-around-my-hand kinda gal.

    Now, as far as things that HE does that annoys me: leaving Coke Zero cans lying around the house. Ugh. And my dog chews up stuff and leaves it lying around. And Potamus is in the stage of dump and run (toys, not poop), which means I feel like I’m a Hurricane Responder. 😛

  3. Honestly..I try very hard to be a good house-mate to my husband. I don’t bitch about things he doesn’t do (anymore) because I simply remind myself: if you lived alone, who would be doing this? YOU! Sometimes this snarky voice in my head pipes up if I lived alone I wouldn’t have this mess anyway but then I counter with all the other junk I wouldn;t have either–cuddles, inside jokes, other fun stuff.

    I think the things that he does that make me the most crazy are simple: 1. Always expecting me to know where everything is (even if i usually DO!) and 2. leaving wet towels lying around instead of hanging them on the hook.

    The wet towel thing…I dunno why but it makes me bonkers.
    🙂 I am lucky he puts up with me. I know one thing I Do that makes him insane is moving things..Ive taken to moving his things to his bedside table. Which now needs multiple baskets and containers because he has sooooo much stuff.

    • Your comment made me chuckle. Doesn’t marriage eventually become about tolerating one another as we grow older and more persnickety? But I can relate, because my husband has waaaayyyy too much stuff too! Thanks for making me smile.

  4. The Husband leaves the dish sponge in the sink so that it is sopping wet and cold when I go to use it. How hard is it to wring it out and let it dry! Pisses me off and grosses me out!
    Me? I’m perfect… 😉

  5. There are a million things like that that I could complain about publicly. it’s called being married! And, I could name just as many that drive my husband crazy (I have a problem putting lids back on things correctly, OK?) But, I made a decision a long time ago that I would not complain about my husband publicly. To me, it seems like that should be off limits. But, then it makes me wonder….shouldn’t my kids have the same courtesy? In which case, maybe I should delete my entire blog. :/ This is a good post though. Made me think too.

    • Sometimes the little things really get me thinking and I can learn something. . . and it’s not so much that I want to bitch about my husband (I really try not to) but that I get so freaking overwhelmed with all I have going on. Strangely, my “bitchy” posts are sometimes my most popular, because I guess they give others the chance to vent too. Go figure…

  6. Ah! I have been so close to doing a status update or post to this effect. I am always pleased when I show the restraint required – as you did – to NOT hit post or send.

    So here I go hitting post…

    My biggest pet peeve? That my husband never takes out and replaces the kitchen garbage when full. Rather he will continue to pile/push on top. Then, when I replace the bag – he will criticize how I put the new garbage bag in (ie: that I don’t properly hook it over the side of the garbage can).

    Like anyone, I have many others – but this one is the one that’s just waiting for the day where it will be the last straw before I completely lose it. In my kitchen. About the garbage. Sigh.

    As an aside – I love how you write and really enjoy your blog.

    • OMG the overflowing trash is the worst!! Sometimes I leave it just to see how long it will go before someone else notices that it is almost large enough to need its own zip code! LOL… Thanks so much for your comment- I love hearing from you. It means so much that you like and are enjoying my blog. Thank you, thank you!

  7. Not only is my husband clueless about so many things, including just about all of the above listed chores. He’s a basically good man, but I have to do all the shopping and cooking, altho he will do dishes, vacuum and tidy up the house before company comes. After 4 years, he’s only just started to get the plan that if it’s Thursday, it’s part of the job to take the trash out of the wastebaskets and empty them into the big trash bin before taking it to the curb. No can do, apparently. He’s very ‘old school’ and it’s tiring that I also have to buy all the family and friend gifts, write the greeting and thank you cards, plan the events and entertainment. Sometimes I wonder what the hell he thinks his part is supposed to be. It’s not like we haven’t had conversations about it and he hasn’t promised compliance. Will you mothers out there please train your sons to participate in household chores as part of a democratic domestic reality.

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