Shall We Tweet?

Told you so.

Told you so.

I’m not sure if I’m creating more work and drama for myself. . .  but. . .  I’ve made a Twitter account for the ‘ole blog.  You can now “follow” me @Momasteblog on Twitter.  (I feel kind of like a charismatic cult leader even writing that- ick!)  We will see how it works out.

I thought that this might make it easier for some of my readers who may not blog on WordPress (which is wonderful, you should SO blog here!), but maybe have a Twitter account.  (You can also find me @CharPorter9, but I like the new handle a little better.)

There is also a Momasteblog page on Facebook, but good luck finding it.  If you do, I will mail you a dollar.

Since I don’t have any friends- oh wait, we call them followers? ugh, I told you I was a digital immigrant!- all my “tweets” are from the cast of Grey’s Anatomy who apparently twit or tweet in character, which might be the best thing ever because this is pretty much as close as I’m gonna’ get to living in Grey’s Anatomy Land.

Anyhoo, we’ll see how it works.  It seems like whether or not I like it out there in Twitter-Land depends on whether or not people actually find and connect with me, so yeah, not even trying to hide the sheer desperation here.

Meanwhile, I’m going to go and follow some of my other favorite shows in hopes that their cast will tweet me in character too.

How about you?  Have you put your blog on Facebook or Twitter?  How did it work for you?  Did you like it or was it a headache? How did it assist or help your blog/readers?   


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  1. I don’t link my blog to Facebook – but I half attempt with Twitter – I’ve even joked about awkward blog tweeting. I don’t generally tweet my own posts – though I understand I “should” and this is all part if “branding”. I figure right now I’ll tweet stuff I find interesting and leave it there.

    Good luck!

    • I’ve been tentatively exploring it, and think I would need a full time job twittering to keep current with everything. But I am giving it a try. I’m not sure I really want to be “branded,” that is kind of a weird concept. Thanks for your comment. It is always helpful to know what others are up to!

      • Good luck with it! I agree re: needing to dedicate full-time work hours to doing it if you want to fully do it! I am forever in awe of how much some bloggers are out there. I know you can schedule tweets, and aggressively court followers – and promptly unfollow all the folks who don’t follow back – and stuff, but frankly – this is a hobby – so as soon as it feels like a chore, I’m kinda done. I don’t care if that leaves me unfound and unbranded. I’ll live.

  2. I tried tweeting for awhile from my work program and I never quite got the hang of it. I also don’t understand tumblr unless it’s used like a blog. Is it like pinterest/blogging? I dunno. I’m quickly becoming outdated technology wise…sigh…

    • I hear ya’. Kids today are all over the freaking net though, and know way more about it than I do! Then have you heard of this new “anonymous” thing that is like facebook, but where you can ask questions about people and post random comments about them but the commenters are secret, so they can feel free to write tons of crazy shit and bully people. I don’t know, man. I think the internet is getting out of control for kids, but maybe that is just the burgeoning old lady Muppet in me talking. On a different note, I heard a piece on NPR today about “what does the fox say,” and how halloween costume stores are raking it in on fox costumes. Made me think of you!

      • Seriously, I hate that it’s so popular because I had that fox idea WAY before others. Though nobody on my blog will know my real reason for loving the foxes 😉

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