Silent Saturday– Autumn In New England







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    • Do you use fresh pumpkin or from the can? I heard that you couldn’t get canned pumpkin in a lot of parts of Europe, but I don’t know if that is still true. Anyhow, yummy! Pumpkin pie with whipped cream is super yummy. . . I bet your little one will love it. As for the sun, it has been a pretty dry and sunny autumn, very beautiful. I was lucky b/c when I took the pictures today it was bright and beautiful and then the clouds came and it is now somber and chilly. Peace!

      • Fresh pumpkin. I don’t even know canned pumpkin actually! But you can find it frozen now. I make salty pumpkin pies too, that’s very good as well.
        Btw I am currently writing your post, I do not forget you!
        Enjoy your sunday!

      • We are so lazy in the states that I wouldn’t even know what to do with a fresh pumpkin! Looking forward to reading and sharing your post when you get to it! xoxo.

  1. Love the Silent Saturday post! I am new to this whole world of blogging and trying to keep up and post regularly is much more challenging than I expected.
    Would you mind if I did the same on my own blog? I will happliy plug your blog as my inspiration 🙂

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