Over the past few weeks, Emily started pretending to nurse her baby dolls.  She is 22 months old and in love with babies.  She clasps them to her chest, strokes their creamy, plastic heads and says “Baby, milk.”  Then she looks at me with a round, proud face.

Today she dropped a doll in a puddle, promptly picked it up, kissed it, and wiped at it with her blankie.

I know, I know.  You aren’t really interested in my minutia, but there is something so enchanting about the way Emily cares for and comforts her babies.  I never want to forget these moments.

When Jack was little, I kept a journal.  I wrote down every little milestone so that I could tell you the day and time he accomplished nearly everything- his first solid food, his first ice cream cone, the first time he told me he loved me.  I wrote weekly, if not more often, about all his little quirks that delighted me as a first time mother.  With Em, I’ve not been so diligent, and my memory is not nearly as acute, so I find I am losing these little details.  When was the first time she said “mama?”  How old was she when she pulled herself to standing?  What day was it the first time she went on the tricycle?

I don’t know.   I can’t remember.

My blog is kind of an online journal about my life as a mom.  I thought I would take a few moments and jot down some random little things I want to remember.  Here we go:

  • Last week Jack started riding his yellow bike without training wheels.  He cruised around the basketball court in the playground across the street with a smile that alternated between super suave and nonchalant and an elated grin.
  • This morning Emily said our cat’s name.  When she says kitty, it comes our like “key,” but she can say his actual name clear as a bell.  She has a little lisp that is melt-your-heart-charming.  Her language development is still taking its sweet time, but every day she is starting to say more and more.
  • Jack has brought home 100s on all four spelling tests he has had so far in first grade.  He drew a picture of ninjas walking to school with which I was pretty impressed.
  • For the last two months (or three?) Emily has been climbing out of her crib in the morning and into bed with me.  She is still in the mini-crib next to me so she doesn’t have far to go.  Even though she is such an early bird (she is up at 5:30 most mornings), I love her warm, solid body cuddling up in my arms and her chipper voice asking for milk.
  • I’ve introduced Emily to Goodnight Moon, and we read it almost every night among a handful of other books.  She loves to find the mouse and count the bears in chairs and say “huuuussshhhh,” for the quiet old lady.  She is curious and attentive when I read to her, loves to turn pages, and makes all the animal noises with gusto.

So there.  Maybe you stopped reading after the first paragraph.  I admit this is not my most exciting post, but at the end of the day, I really want to remember the little moments, the sweet things that make me sigh with contentment throughout the day.  If you did make it to the end, thanks for listening.

Tell me, what are your kids doing these days?  What are some precious little moments that you hope to always remember?  


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  1. I love this post and I am so glad I found your blog. Bring on the minutia, every fleck of it is so beautiful and heartfelt. It is all those little moments, and really taking the time to tune in and appreciate them as a mother, that make life so grand, in my humble opinion. Thanks so much for sharing–with kids of similar ages, I can relate to so many moments you share. Momaste!

  2. I made it to the end and enjoyed every moment. I,too can not remember my second born’s milestones with accuracy; but love him no less than my first. Its great just to take in the moment while its happening and be completely present. I always look forward to your writing! xoxo

  3. I made it to the end, too! I guess since I am a first time mom, I am documenting every milestone in her book. But it amazes me how quickly she is growing. Within a week, she learned to prop herself on all fours, then start to do the wobbly crawl. So glad to know there are other mommies who go gaga over their little ones, too.

    • Gaga is a bit of an understatement!! I look at my daughter and can hear that song “Every little thing she does is magic” by the Police in my head! I mean, literally just watching her chew makes me go, “awww!” Enjoy every moment. It is so precious and goes by so fast. Your daughter is lucky to have a mum who treasures her so!

  4. I read your post yesterday and it was quite a milestone for us since my daughter really walked for the first time. I was so absurdly proud! And messaged everybody about it! I try to record every milestone, but I must admit I started only when she was 6 months old, not that nothing happened before, just that I was so overwhelmed. I have notes though, and pictures so I complete with what I remember besides the intense nursing! Yes it goes so fast, I mean 13 months and an half ago she was in my womb and now she is walking??? What a new paradigm to adjust for me! (and for the cat ;-)!)

    • Oh that is so exciting to hear she took first steps! I am so happy for you, although I think you will find that life will never be quite the same. They get pretty fast once they are bipedal! Good luck to you and your cat!! xoxo.

  5. I just started following your blog. I love it, and I love this post. I can so relate! I have a journal that my mother-in-law bought me when my first child was born. I filled it cover-to-cover. So she bought another one when we had our second. Now I have three kids, and I still haven’t filled the second journal. Like you, I am blogging, in part to create a memory book for my family.

    • Thank you so much for joining the Momaste posse! And thank you so much for your kind and supportive words; they mean so much. With three kids, I can’t imagine how you find any time for blogging or journaling- you go girl!!

  6. This makes me want to keep a blog for my son who’s almost 5 months. I don’t want to forget anything, and I can hardly remember anything as days go by because life gets so busy. This is so inspiring.

    • Do it!! Even if you keep a calendar and just jot little things down (eg., you looked so cute rolling over, or I love to watch your face when you are asleep), you will be so thankful one day that you recorded those little moments and your feelings during them. The journal I kept for my son is filled with tiny little thoughts but they bring back the memories of how infatuated I was as a first time mom. Good luck to you! Peace…

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