Healing Hands


Many moons ago, in one of my many past lives, I was attuned in Reiki.  I took a beginner course and was taught Reiki level one.  For a little while I used it, and then for a long while I didn’t.

Reiki is an ancient Japanese method of healing.  It involves laying hands on self or someone, and transferring healing energy.  There are different chakras where energy can be moved or manipulated to facilitate healing.  My teacher taught that Reiki was “universal love energy.”  I was also taught that once attuned, Reiki never leaves you.

Recently, I decided I was not using all the tools at my disposal to work with my son, Jack, and his behavioral issues.  This week, I started doing a couple new things.  First, I started giving him a relaxing back massage and/or foot rub while he watches TV, or during another down time.  HE LOVES IT!!!   It is also motivating for him (eg.,” if you take your shower, you can have a luxurious foot rub”).

I figured this would have a double whammy of relaxing him while also teaching him the power of loving hands in an attempt to decrease his aggression.  So far, so good.  I am happy to announce that I haven’t been whacked yet this week.  Woot!

But back to Reiki.  Tonight, I put Jack to bed.  This is usually my husband’s realm, but he had a lot of work to do, and I thought it wouldn’t hurt to spend an extra few with the boy.  Jack was a bit riled up from doing Star Wars Mad Libs, which BTW are a sure fire way to get any cranky six year old to bust a gut laughing.

I put my cupped hand on his solar plexus.  It wasn’t long before I felt heat under my palm.  He seemed to like it, so I put my other hand on the top of his head, or crown chakra.

He started to simmer down.  I told him I was giving him “the good energy,” and to be nice and still so he could feel it.  He moved my hand up to his heart chakra.  He squirmed a bit before settling again.  I explained to him what I was doing, and gave him my teacher’s definition for Reiki, that I was giving him universal love energy for healing.

“Can I do Reiki?” he wondered aloud?  I explained to him that when you go to a Reiki class, the teacher draws a sacred and secret symbol on your back with their finger, that Reiki is passed down from generation to generation of teachers from the ancient times.

“Well let me try,” he said.

He sat up in bed and put his hands on my back.  I instantly felt a buzzing heat through my two layers of clothing.  “Wow, Jack,” I said.  “That’s amazing!  You must be a natural!”  He knelt up in the bed, raised his hands over his head like a mad scientist, and declared, “And now we will begin!” before bringing his hands down onto my head.  We stayed like that for a moment, me fighting the urge to laugh at his antics.

“Can you feel it?” He asked.

“Yeah, I sure can!”  I answered.  “I wonder if you learned Reiki in Japan?”

“Stop it, Mama,” he said.  “I was never in Japan.”

“Oh,” I said, my heart sinking a little.  “Well, okay then.”  He laid back down and asked me to give him more Reiki.  He asked if he could go to the class to learn Reiki.  I told him sure.  He asked when I did my class and I told him it was a long time ago, before he was born.  He asked how old I was and I said, “I don’t know.  Maybe 26?”  He growled when he heard this because he didn’t want to wait that long.

“What do you want to do with Reiki?”  I asked.

“I dunno.  Heal myself?”

“From what?”

“Oh, maybe scrapes or bumps and stuff,” he said.  That sounded logical to me.

I was reminded of a time six years ago when Jack was a newborn.  As part of my treatment for post partum depression, I learned to do infant massage.  Jack and I both loved it.  I recall propping him up on pillows after his bath, slathering him with lotion and doing the little routine I’d been taught.  It totally helped me connect and bond with him, but it also helped me to feel confident in my ability to care for and soothe my little boy.

Somedays now, when Jack is especially surly, it is hard to remember him as that little newborn who melted under mama’s loving hands.  Somedays, it can feel like I’ve lost my way in my ability to soothe him.  Today was not one of those days.

We chatted a while longer and I kept my hands on his head and heart.   He experimented with putting my hand on his ear to try and “hear” the energy, but sadly that was not to be.

A while later I left his room feeling hopeful and happy.  He was content in his bed.  I remembered my Reiki instructor telling me that “When you give a treatment, you get a treatment.”  Sure enough.

What tricks have you tried to soothe your little one’s savage soul?  


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  1. This was such a sweet post! I too received Reiki (2nd level), but I don’t use it much anymore. There are many forms of energy healing and it is not necessary to have an attunment as I found out in later years. That is why your son was able to “heat his hands”. There is a great book called Your Hands Can Heal You. I read this book after I had already been attuned. It is amazing what our hands can do, or even just through good intentions.
    That is great your son is interested in it, that’s really cute. when my kids were younger they used to ask me for reiki over their eyes to help them sleep, worked lie a charm 🙂

    Love the post, thanks for sharing.

    • It is amazing! I couldn’t believe the heat and energy I felt instantly from his little hands. I’m looking forward to sharing more with him. Thanks for sharing the title of that book; I will have to check it out when I get a sec.

  2. Stop stop stop, this is so amazing. And every time you write something and I’m like “whoa me too” I wonder if you think I’m making it all up to be twinsy. But seriously, I was attuned to Reiki Level 2 a few years ago, and even bought a massage table (because as a Sagitarius I have quite the fancy dreams of doing off the cuff, whimsyish things like opening a traveling reiki buisiness. I even “bought” business cards off vistaprint…but I digress). While reading this I remembered that my Reiki Master talked about how children are so attuned to the energy, and that sometimes when they were doing it at fairs/farmers markets, they would go ahead and attune a child because the energy was just so right there for them. I have no idea if there is even anything in your area, but Jack might love it.

    Also, I loved the Japan connection. I mean, right? How uncanny that the energy healing system you learned was Japanese and that your son’s former life was in Japan (I mean, theoretically, yeah). It just freaking makes so much soul-sense I can barely stand it. And it might be such an amazing way of empowering him!

    As far as tricks to soothe the babe…when I was postpartum with Potamus, I was having a lot of anxiety. Middle of the night anxiety due to nursing craziness. So I went and got Reiki with him. We layed together on the table and she gave me reiki, and him reiki, and I gave him reiki and it really helped. So did the meds, but yeah, I really attribute my quick recovery. Also, when he’s been really fussy at night I try to do a progressive muscle relaxation with him, which really just me going from feet to shoulders saying “are your feet tired” and squeezing a few times, and then saying ‘are your calves tired” and squeezing a few times. It usually works. 🙂

    • If you ever open a traveling Reiki business, you must come and see me! I think it is so cool how you and your baby went for a treatment when he was a newborn. I love that. I’ve never tried progressive relaxation with my kids, but I can see how that would be really helpful too. I’m wondering if I can carve out the time to get my next attunements so that I can attune my son myself– how cool would that be? Anyhoo, I inboxed you the other day… hope that wasn’t creepy or stalkerish of me! xoxoxo.

  3. When my 3 yr old son would have a temper tantrum I would give him a tight hug and tell him that all the anger was going away. He would really calm down after this. This worked for a while and then as he’s turning 4 the temper tantrums have become almost rare. I guess it’s part of growing up!

  4. I have my Reiki Master and use it daily on my baby and friends babies. It is a gift I plan to share with my daughter when she is old enough, too. Children are naturals At energy working!

  5. beautiful!

    healing is nothing you (or the energy flowing) would need a certain method for. a method, such as reiki is, can be good because it’s a compact way to learn it and also it will make it much easier for your mind to trust what you’re doing there (cause you learned it, tought by a teacher, there a many people who alredy experienced it..) don’t get me wrong, i love reiki 🙂
    but what i wanna say is: everybody has the ability to let energy flow. you don’t need to learn reiki therefor. if your son just did it as normal reaction to your reiki, he might not have forgotten about his abilities (most of us have). however, encourage him to play, to try, to experience – maybe he can heal himself already! ask him what would help him in his process of understanding healing energies. whether this is reiki, a spiritual master, or a talk with god (however you gonna call it), make sure he feels supported and secure and can really open to those channels he got.
    but whatever comes, whatever you gonna do – already the fact that you talk about energy, pass him your knowledge, let him experience – is gonna make him aware that the world is actually quite magic. with this understanding he will sooner or later discover everything else, for sure.

    best wishes for you two!

    • Thank you for the encouragement and information! It is amazing, and I think we underestimate how powerful kids can be. The more I read, the more I find evidence that kids are naturals at energy work. It is really pretty cool.

  6. This is neat. I’ve tried on several occasions to get L. to succumb to the powers of massage/touch but NADA. You’ve inspired me to try again. Also, good for you for pulling out the old reiki again!

    • Amazingly, my son has really resonated with the Reiki and wants to learn how to do it, in his own way. The more I read about it, the more I find info that kids are naturals at energy work and can do it just like any Reiki master if they want. It is pretty awesome! I’m also finding that the more I use it with my son, the more I can feel my Reiki coming back to me. I’m actually considering getting the other attunements so that I can attune my son myself. . .

  7. This is such a beautiful awakening between you and your son. When my son was little ( he is now just about to turn twenty!) he used to have bad nightmares. We used reiki and it worked like a charm to bring him restful refreshing sleep.

  8. My heart sunk when I read the line that Jack said he was never in Japan. Sigh.

    I am blessed by the open sharing of your experiences and beliefs. I am in a period of contraction and introspection, and haven’t blogged for nearly 2 weeks because I can’t put my processing out for the world to read. That’s mostly ok with me. But reading your posts (well before I moved into this private period) encourages me to honor and own my unconventional beliefs.

    • Hi Kelly. I’m glad that my posts could be of service to you; that makes me very thankful. Yeah, my heart sunk a bit when he said that too. He even seemed a little embarrassed when I mentioned it. I wonder if there is something in the stars this week, as I’ve been pretty introspective too, and have almost forced myself to blog. Anyhoo, I hope we will hear from you in the blogosphere soon. As always, thanks for your kind words. Be well.

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