It’s The Little Things



All day I’ve been thinking about the apple I put in Jack’s lunch.

And smiling.

It’s not really a big deal deserving of its own blog post, and yet it has enchanted me in that way only a mother can appreciate.

Jack wanted an apple in his lunch box today because if you bring an apple, he says “the teacher lets you go to the rug to finish it off.”

“Oh,” I said. “And what happens on the rug?”

“We mostly talk about fantasy,” he said. “You know like fiction and non fiction.”

I wanted to hear more, but the breakfast needed to be cleared, and kids needed to be dressed, and lunches needed to be made, and my hair needed tending to, so I moved on with my day. It totally would have been worth it to have spent that extra moment learning what existential wonders six year olds talk about at snack time.  But such is life.

Something about the joy he took in such a simple treat lit up my heart, made me feel that hope was infinite and true.

As moms we spend so much of our time in the hum and drum of parenting woes–  the tantrums, the cleaning, the exhaustion, and the endless shuttling from work to soccer to daycare to home and back again.  Sometimes the demands on our time and energy can feel downright impossible.

Sometimes we feel like failures and frauds, taunted by the endless Facebook stream of families that look happier, wealthier, and healthier than ours.

Sometimes we wonder what we are doing wrong because we are so overwhelmed and it is difficult to discern if we are looking at the big picture, the little picture, or if our perspective is so warped we see neither.

There are even times when motherhood feels like a one-way dead-end, and we wonder why did we do this?

Then there are the little moments that make it all worthwhile.

From work, I envisioned my little boy sitting on the rug in his classroom, munching his fresh fruit, and it all felt worthwhile.  For a long moment, I sat in my office in total serenity, savoring this thought.

I’ve come to realize that my happiness is not going to be given to me all wrapped up neatly like a two carat eternity band (although that would be nice, hint, hint. . .  ).

Being mindful of these precious, happy little moments is everything.

P.S.  In case you were wondering, I do write posts about things besides apples.  That just seems to be my inspiration of the week!

What are the little moments that make parenthood worthwhile for you?  


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  1. Yesterday Potamus saw Boof and I kissing in the hallway. It’s the first time he’s really intently noticed. And then, all day, he kept wanting a kiss. We’re not quite there yet with his form (too open mouthed for my liking), but the fact that that’s a way he’s now asking for affection, much like when he was asking for a hug), is pretty sweet.

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