Thankful– An Ode To My Daughter As A Toddler


Thank you for your tantrum

while we stood in line at the merry go round.

Your screaming made my ears ring,

your little hands whapping my face

like starfish slapping their damp bodies onto a rock.

Thank you for trusting me to love you no matter what,

even if in the photos daddy took

I look completely wiped out, frustrated, and

maybe even a little scared by your sudden strength,

as you thrashed against me .

Thank you for introducing me to this new

side of your self, for allowing me to

partake in a sudden, bright bloom of you,

as beautiful and mysterious as lightening.

Toddler, you make me wonder where my

placid baby girl has gone, yet I am thankful

for your fight and vigor.

You are doing your job so beautifully

as I attempt to do mine with as much grace

as I can muster.

2 responses »

    • Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your kind words. The actual moment was not quite as, uh, poetic, but I think it is important to be mindful of how these little moments that fluster us can really be quite profound.

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