I’m Still a Good Person Even Though I Don’t Believe in (Your) God


Dear Friend,

If you thought you could sneak away quietly, well you didn’t.

I noticed you stopped following my blog and I’m confused and a little hurt.  I’m wondering if I did something to offend you, or if you just stopped being interested in my writing.

I’m sad to see you go.

You were one of the first people to “like” and befriend me out here in blog-land.  You were one of my first “followers,” and one of the first blogs that I followed.  It didn’t matter to me how different we are from one another.

I started my blog as a place where I could practice acceptance and compassion towards others sharing in the struggle of parenthood.  So, despite the fact that your beliefs were not my cup-o-tea, I welcomed your presence in my life and even allowed myself to learn from you.

Our biggest difference was probably that of religion.  Since I have no other clue, I am wondering if you walked away because of our different belief systems.

I’ve tried to keep my blog far enough away from controversy.  Generally, I do not post about religion or politics, but you don’t have to read between the lines to realize I am not a Christian.  Quite simply, I don’t believe in God the Father, or that Jesus has anything to offer me.

There.  I said it.  But hear me out:  Why is it okay for people to write and speak openly about their love of their religion, but it is somehow offensive and controversial if I speak of my lack of religion?

I am not without faith, morals, or values.  I believe in love above all else, and in treating the world with respect and decency.  I have faith in myself and my abilities, and faith in the goodness of humanity.  I work hard to serve human-kind in my practice as a social worker, and try to be vigilant in mindfulness.

I even believe in the power of prayer, but not because I think someone up above is going to stand and deliver if I pray.  I believe in the power of prayer because the more good intentions you put out, the more good intentions will abound in my life and in yours.

From birth, I was baptized and raised Christian.  I attended church for the better part of my life and know all about the holy mysteries, sacraments, and scripture.  Somewhere along the line, I just stopped believing.  It was not a scary, sad crisis.  Christianity slipped away from me in a way that was natural, liberating, and okay.

Since then, I have been exploring Buddhism and mindfulness.  Spiritually, I have grown more exponentially in the past decade as a non-believer than I did in the first 30 years of my life as a patron of the cross.  I am a much better person as a non-Christian, than I ever was as the most dutiful church-goer.

I’m not knocking or insulting God or Jesus.  I respect all religions and believe they have something to offer people- structure, faith, community, support.  It does not offend or anger me that you believe in your higher power.  Why should it offend you if I tip my cap to Buddha, Vishnu, Tara, or a tree if I am a better person for it?  People can believe in different things and still get along.  We can still learn from one another.

Maybe our religious differences aren’t the reason you left.  Either way, it is okay.  I’ve wanted to explain this to you for some time, because  I’m tired of feeling sneaky about the fact that I just don’t believe in God.  It shouldn’t be any more taboo for me to talk about my belief system than it is for you to talk about yours.

In closing, I will say Namaste.  The god in me bows to the god in you.

Thank you for the time you spent in my life,



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    • just a thought: You left God, He never left you……- Christianity is not a religion, its a relationship with Jesus Christ….Maybe thats why you left God, you never had a relationship to begin with. I wish you well, but know that when you must give an account of your life on earth, that you cannot say you didnt hear of Jesus…This might just count against you someday. God bless.

      • Hmmm. . interesting. I guess it is stuff like this comment that further validates that I am comfortable with who I am and what I believe, and what I don’t believe. It is nice that you take comfort from Jesus. But if god and jesus are love, as the Bible supposedly says, that aren’t they eventually supposed to forgive me, rather than punishing me for leading a good, upright, compassionate and pure life even though I didn’t believe in them? Even though I am no longer a “believer,” the religion that I was raised in never taught of a god of threats and punishment simply because someone believed differently. Bless you too.

  1. Wow, I really relate to this post! And as an added bonus, you provided and I clicked on the daily post link. Yay! I’ve looked a bit (a very little bit, admittedly) for weekly prompts so I don’t have to struggle so much with ideas – and here you just dropped exactly what I needed in my lap. Thanks!

  2. I love you post. As a non-believer myself I do try to respect beliefs of others though I do stay true to my faith: atheism. Now, even though I’m a guy who will never worry about issues related to breastfeeding and I am single with no kids (can barely take care of myself), I shall follow your blog and try in my small way to restore some balance to your universe. 🙂

    • Gosh, dude! That is really super tender of you! Thank you so much for your comment, and for your following of my blog. It really made me smile and chuckle to get your comment. Peace!

  3. Exceptionally proud of you. It seems when you are truly yourself, you lose a couple of people, but you draw closer to people who love who you truly are.

  4. I’ve never understood people who can’t accept others that believe differently than them. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people like that in my religion, but I hope that in quiet ways I can show that we aren’t all like that. 🙂 Hopefully they didn’t leave because of that…..we can hope, right?

  5. Great post!! I feel that all religions are a pathway to God, I also believe that the reason we have so many religions is because of the differences amongst humans- one religion alone wouldn’t fit to everyones personality (if that makes sense). God is a diamond you can see from many different angles (the different angles being different relgions/spiritual beliefs)… I wish people could see that we are all human and just because you feel something is right, it might well be right- but religion is person- your neighbour may have different religous needs, it doesn’t mean their relgions are wrong! Sorry for waffling haha. I hope you are well. Namaste x

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  7. Um, that blows on the receiving end (whoa, did NOT mean to go there gutter-mind).

    But I have unfollwed people before and it wasn’t ever meant as a bad thing on my end. It was mostly a “oh crap I started reading this person when I first started blogging and they were suggested and I really wanted to follow people, but hmm, now I realize we don’t have anything in comm because they xyz and abc AND def (I need a few reasons to stop following someone, not just ‘they’re not christian’ or whatever), and when I would be more annoyed with reading their posts than enlightened.

    But it’s trickier when it’s someone you’ve considered a friend, ya know?

    • Lol, you’re funny. . . Yeah, I get what you mean and I have unfollowed people too and it hasn’t been anything personal. Anyway, it gave me an excuse to get my thoughts out. . . my paranoid, weird, uncomfortable thoughts…

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  11. Great post.I got really hurt when my “mentor” unfollowed me, but since then I haven’t checked and don’t care, but the first one always hurts (even through it really doesn’t matter in the end). Namaste

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  14. This made me smile, thank you!
    There have been times lately when I’ve actually felt like “not following” a few of my friends because I’m so tired of hearing about their God and their beliefs. It’s not that I’m offended by their God of choice, but often it feels like that is all they post or comment around and I find it a little annoying.

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