Please Be


Internally chanting pleas as we walk hand in hand

into the big, brick building-

please be happy, please be calm, please be kind.

Am I pleading to myself or to you,

entering the crowded multi-purpose room

which has grown heated and steamy with bodies?

In your Yoda shirt and sneakers tied in double-knots

you look ready and confident for anything,

yet something about your self-assuredness makes me waver.

The sting of tears rushes to my eyes and the back of my nose,

but I sniff them back and command  my hand to

stop stroking your head like a pet.

From my body you have sprung, but you are not mine.

Have I given you enough, nourished your heart and mind

with everything you need to be launched from the nest of me?

Please be strong, please be tenacious, please be attentive.

Please be accepting of my kisses on your forehead, and patient

about the trepidation with which I let you go.

You walk a ways in the line, turn to blow me kisses,

then disappear for your first day of school.

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  1. So lovely!

    It reminds me of my oldest daughter’s first day of kindergarten (way back, she’s now a college sophomore). She rode the bus, and every minute of that half-day, I eagerly waited for her return to hear every detail she’d give me. Oh, I couldn’t wait to see her and snuggle with her and hear everything! When the bus finally pulled up near our house, I leaned forward to watch her get off and see her come running to me. But as soon as she was close, she asked, “Can I go play with a friend?” Ah, they go away too quickly!

    • Thank you so deeply, Kelly. I am counting the minutes until I can go and pick him up and find out how his day was. If it was anything like kindergarten, he will come home exhausted and grouchy, lol! You comment and support mean so much to me. Thanks again.

    • Gosh, Monk-Monk. . . I am so touched that you decided to share this on your blog. My heart is overflowing, seriously. It’s kind of a crappy poem that I blurped up in about 15 minutes, but its funny how people resonate with some things, especially about kids. You are amazing. Thanks for the love. xo.

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