A Love Letter To My Blog


happy happy little blog

Dear Little Blog,

Happy anniversary.  Or happy birthday.

We met a year ago today- July 18.

The inspiration to create you came to me as I sat at my desk pumping milk for my baby.  Our first post was kind of like a first date- tentative, awkward and uncertain.  No one read it.  Not one, single page view.

I signed off after that first slightly sardonic post knowing that I wanted to see you again, but not in what capacity.

We did not meet again for some months, three to be exact, when I was inspired to write after a conversation with a coworker about the challenges of working-mommy-life.  I began to get bolder and started posting my thoughts more regularly.

Momasteblog started out of my discontent and discouragement with the mommy-wars.  After witnessing back biting and nastiness between moms in some online forums, I wanted to start a safe community where moms could come, interact, and get advice on things that I might have some knowledge through my role as mom or as child and family therapist.

Little did I know what an ambitious goal this was.  I knew nothing about blogging when I started.  I followed the step-by-step guide wordpress set up, and that got me on my way.

My undergrad degree is in writing, specifically of the creative sort.  I used to write poems and short fiction as well as imaginative non-fiction.  Over the years, my journal entries grew sparser until I no longer even tried.  I lacked the creative impetus to string two poetic lines together.

Somewhere I heard that your creativity peaks when you are 18-25 and after that it is all down hill.  So, I figured that was what happened with me and writing.  But once I got to know you, dear blog, it became clear to me just how much I missed writing!  At times it feels like my creativity is peaking all over again.  I’ve even written a poem or two!

I came up with the name “Momasteblog” one day when I was thinking about the greeting “namaste.”  Roughly translated, namaste means “the spirit in me bows to the spirit in you.”  I like this sentiment and image.  I thought it was cool how namaste rhymed with MOMaste, which I imagined would mean “the mom in me bows to the mom in you.”

And so, Momasteblog, you were born.

Since then, I have fumbled my way through over 70 posts with you.  Some have been exhilarating and fun to write, while others have come from darkness and consternation.  All have given me the stunning opportunity to look at my life and challenge myself to find opportunities for mindfulness.

You have given me the chance to learn more about Buddhism and meditation.  You have encouraged me to explore different ways to make sense of my life.  You have introduced me to wonderful, compassionate, and insightful people who grace my life and little blog with their kind presence.

You also helped me to have the courage to submit two pieces to Offbeat Families, a really cool site for parents.  They posted my piece on my challenges as a working mom, and also my piece on celebrating my stretch marks.  This was such a morale boost for me and gave me an opportunity to interact with a larger blog community.

You, little blog of my heart, have helped me to grow.  By writing about my struggles and perspectives, you help me not only to talk the talk, but to also walk the walk.

I’ve loved writing about my children and my struggle to be mindful while parenting them in this world that is crazy and too busy.

I’ve also loved being able to blog about breast feeding– something about which I am passionate.

My top-rated post of all time is my post on nipple trauma.  Every single day mamas from all over the world hit up Momasteblog to read about my journey through terrible damage to my nipple during breast feeding relationships with both my son and daughter.

The visitors of my nipple trauma post often do not leave comments, so I don’t know if my post has been helpful, affirming, or not.  I hope that it does let some mom out there know that she is not alone, that sometimes nursing is really difficult and it can take a lot of inner strength.

While it surprises me that this is my top read post, I guess it goes to show that in the blog world, you never know what is going to strike a chord.

So, here we are, you and me, one year later.  I know that compared to some blogs, one year and 70-something posts is barely a blip.  But I am so grateful that we have one another.  Thank you for being there for me to turn to after a challenging day.  Thank you for helping me to accept myself.

I could never have imagined what a prominent spot you would hold in my life and in my heart.  I look forward to seeing you every day.  I think about you all the time and even lie awake at night thinking about what posts we will tackle next.   I wonder what is in store for us over the course of the next year.

While I am not naive enough to think we will always be together, I am certainly so glad that we are here now.

Thank you for a year of beautiful companionship.  You are a joy.

With a heart full of love,


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