Stretch Marks


One of my all-time favorite posts that I’ve written for this blog was published today at Offbeat Families.  I really like their site, which is geared towards non-traditional paths in life as parents, partners, and people.  Check it!

You can read my post here.

They changed the title of my post, which was initially In Celebration of my Tie-Dyed Stomach.  Other than that, it does not look like they edited too much of it, which is cool, because like I said, I really liked that post.  It is another post about self-acceptance, particularly about my stretch marks from pregnancy.

My pregnancy with Emily was really uncomfortable.  Not horrible, just achey and exhausting.  I remember walking around in my third trimester with my forearm hooked under my belly, because it was so big it felt like it would just fall to the floor if I let go!  It was impossible to imagine she could get any bigger in there, that my body could stretch to accommodate another ounce.  And yet, it did.

When I fell pregnant with Em, I was so enamored with Jack that it was hard to fathom my heart would stretch enough to hold love enough for two babies.  And yet it did.

After each maternity leave, it felt utterly unconscionable that my life would make sense as a working mom, that the time of each day could expand enough to get everything done.  And yet, somehow at the end of each day, we are all okay.

We all have stretch marks of one kind or another- whether physical, emotional, or psychic.  It may not be sheik, but I feel infinitely blessed to have a visual representation on my stomach of the progression of physically becoming a mother.  We women have to practically stretch ourselves to the point of no return when we bear a child, and this says nothing of the transformation we endure mentally and spiritually.

Motherhood has changed me.  It has made me better for this world, but not without mammoth effort on my part.  Mindfulness has been my saving grace.  Without it, I think I would have gone totally mad.

I want to take a sec to thank Offbeat Families, and everyone who stops in here at Momasteblog.  Thank you, especially if you take the time to comment, like, or share.  It means so much to me and makes my day.  I truly am very, very grateful that I have found a little niche blogging.  It is like yoga for my mind and soul.



And big love to you all.

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  1. I love this post, and will probably head on over to offbeatfamilies to comment there, too. I love that community. We should create a little blog circus or something for other peeps that have been featured on offbeat sites! I think it’s such a fun community 🙂 My piece on giving birth as an adoptee was featured last year! I’ve been mulling over writing some other things, but then I wonder if I’m being presumptuous in thinking people want to read it!

  2. Thank you for this post! I already commented on our post on Offbeatfamilies, and your blog is now in my favorites. I’ll try to comment and share my experiences but I am not always comfortable doing it since English is not my mother tongue: I am French and learnt it at school (that is saying something about my terrible accent ;-). But feel free to email me if you want..
    The physical marks of the pregnancy on my body are maybe not “acceptable” by today’s society where everybody must be young, thin and beautiful. But it is who I am. I have a scar on my throat (and a pill to take everyday) to remind me of thyroid cancer, I largely prefer to have stretch marks, showing me and the world that I carried life

    • Your English is just beautiful. As are you! Thank you so much for stopping by and celebrating the beauty of motherhood with us. I’m glad we will see you in the future!! Feel free to add your name to the “subscribe by email” box to get new posts and updates by email. Have a wonderful day and thanks again!!

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