Versatile Blogger– the Big Five OH



So, this is my 50th post here on WordPress.

I’ve been blogging my little heart out for the past nine months, and I have been nominated for a few of these quirky awards.  I have never actually “accepted” any of the nominations for two reasons: 1. Because I couldn’t figure out how to copy and paste the picture thingee, and 2. Because I am a little bashful, and 3. Because I am purely lazy and it is actually a lot of work to do these acceptances!

Okay so that was three things. Anyhoo…

But when Christie over at Long Live Go nominated me, and I read her nomination, I was inspired.  First, you only have to type seven random things about yourself.  And then you only have to nominate seven other blogs for the award–  somewhat shorter and sweeter than some of the other awards where you have to write and nominate twice as much (told you I was lazy).  Easy peasy.

Fun Facts About Me:

1.  I majored in dance and creative writing in college, which clearly made me highly marketable in the “real” world.  NOT!!

2.  I am a “dog person.”  I had a little dog for 16 years who was like my sister.  She died one week before I found myself pregnant with Emily.

3.  I sometimes believe that Emily is partly reincarnated from my little dog.  They have the same “woof”.

4.  I have never had a cavity.

5.  I once met Bishop Desmond Tutu ever so briefly, and although I do not believe in god, I felt a super-kinetic-connection to the universe in his presence.

6.  I have been wrong before, and if there is a god, I am quite certain it is Mister Rogers.  

7.  I am a passionate but totally secret blogger.  Only a half dozen people from my “real life” know that I blog, and one of them is my BFF, Nikel, who is ever my champion on gloomy days.  I am really proud that I have built my “following” on my own merits as a writer, and not from force feeding my blog to people on Facebook.

And on to the nominations!  I know that some of you think that these awards are the blog equivalent of a chain letter, but now that I have gotten to know such a fun, kind, wise, and generous group of bloggers on this site, I am sincerely interested in you and your blogs and what you have to say.  So, get out of that Bitter-Barn and play in the hay!

boofandmonkmonk – a delightful mommy blog from a woman I am glad to be getting to know.

bringingupbuddhas – a blog about being a Buddhist mama by a thoughtful kindred soul.

breathofgreenair – oh, man, exquisite photos!!

Atlantamomofthree – one of my personal favorite blogs by a lady I am so lucky to be getting to know though blogging.  Val was the first person to comment on and like my very first posts, which inspired me to keep blogging.

Hot Shot Mama – a charming mommy blog by a first time mama.

Becoming Buddhist – another kindred soul who writes about the journey to mindfulness in this nutty world.

bussokuseki – poems and reflections about life, marriage, and fatherhood that are at once lucid and enchanting.

Big, big love and thanks.  Momaste!

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