Be Love, Not Fear


In the past week, I think everyone has asked themselves “what is happening to our world?”  Bombings, shoot-outs, explosions.  It seems like stuff that can only happen in movies, not in a city that I love to spend time in only minutes away from my home.

The photos of Boston, empty and evacuated, were haunting yesterday.  Never in my lifetime has a major, metropolitan epicenter been shut down to find suspects of a heinous crime.  Never!  I mean this is BOSTON!  The birthplace of patriotism, and one of our country’s largest cities!  Needless to say, I am still in a state of semi-shock.

For a while on Monday, after the attack at the Boston Marathon, my faith in humanity wavered.

But watching brave Bostonians rally and support one another during this scary and difficult time has restored my hope.

After the Newtown tragedy last December 14, everyone was holding hands, singing “kum bye yah,” and talking about practicing random acts of kindness.  For maybe a month, people bought each other coffee and let each other pass in traffic.  And then, what happened to that spirit?  It kind of evaporated, or at least lost its head of steam.

I’ve been contemplating a lot about the Lojong teaching of “Always maintain a joyful mind.”  This isn’t something at which I excel.  Anyone who knows me will probably describe me as sarcastic, jaded, a little bitter.  So, this week, when I lacked perspective on the human situation because of trauma and tragedy, I thought of this slogan:  “Always maintain a joyful mind.”  It can be really hard to do in this nutty world of ours, or we can chose to just do it.

I stumbled across this beautiful video on Facebook this morning.  It really gave me some perspective and filled my heart and mind with joy.  I hope you enjoy it too.

Shocking! … Please LIKE & SHARE This One! 

I hope people will see the cowardly actions of those bombers as a call to love and peace as opposed to hate and fear.  And I hope this spirit of hope and joy can be sustained for longer than it was after Newtown.  We can change the world by choosing our attitudes.  I am reminding myself constantly to focus on this amazing power, to love and keep a joyful mind in the midst of unbelievable cruelty.  Thinking this way is oddly empowering and really does a lot to dispel the darkness.


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  1. “I am reminding myself constantly to focus on this amazing power, to love and keep a joyful mind in the midst of unbelievable cruelty” I feel the same way. It’s pretty amazing how everyone came together this week (and especially yesterday/last night)! I can’t imagine the city of Atlanta being shutdown that way, so for everyone in or near Boston, I send many hugs!! ❤

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