Addendum– Springtime With NO Satan


If you have been wondering why my blogging has been somewhat less than prolific lately, it is because I have been using my evening blog time to drink a glass of wine and watch Private Practice on Netflix like the world is ending tomorrow.  I can not tell a lie; it’s been pretty nice.  Therapeutic.

I did want to write an addendum to one of my previous posts, which will only take a moment, and then I can get back to finding out if Sam and Addison actually make it as a couple in the wild world of their Los Angeles, holistic-medicine practice.

About six weeks back, I wrote a post about my son’s behavioral issues, and how they had escalated since the new year.  After our incredibly well-meaning pediatrician recommended several therapists, and I threatened to move out of our crazy house, I did some thinking.

I realized that the increase in Jack’s wild moods, aggression, hyperactivity, and agitation had a direct link with a really bad cold bug he had in January.  At that point, we took him to the doctor and it was recommended that we increase his PRN allergy medicine.  Instead of giving a half teaspoon of Zyrtec (an OTC, non-sedating antihistamine), we were advised to give a FULL teaspoon EVERY night.

I looked up Zyrtec and child behavior issues online, and found dozens of posts from parents who reported changes in their children’s mood and behavior that sounded just like what we were going through with Jack.  Apparently, antihistamines can cause such things.  I had always known this of Benydryl, but Zyrtec had been recommended for the fact that it did NOT cause these side effects.

Our pediatrician was dubious when I asked her if she thought the Zyrtec could be causing his agitation.  She said that if he was on track in school, then it probably wasn’t the Zyrtec, since that would make him wild across the environments.  So, I emailed Jack’s teacher, and imagine how excited and relieved I was when she emailed back and said that Jack had been “off” over the past few weeks.  More talkative.  Not always making the best choices.

Needless to say, we discontinued the Zyrtec.  The hyperactivity and aggression decreased almost overnight.

We designed a behavioral ticket program to address some of the other bad habits that he had adopted during this crazy phase.  For desired behavior, he earns tickets that he can then “cash in” for little prizes and activities.  Don’t get me wrong–  Jack is still Jack.  He’s edgy and incorrigible, but that is part and parcel with being an extraordinary, sensitive, and intense kid.  I don’t think we would change those things about him.

So, in an effort to clear Jack’s good, sweet five-year-old name, I wanted to share this with you.

It also points to the fact that mother knows best, and we should always trust our intuition when it comes to our kids.

And now, I will return to Netflix, and bid you adieu.


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  1. Wow–this reminds me of the time it suddenly dawned on me that maybe the reason I wanted to kill my boyfriend (now husband) and never wanted to have sex was because ye olde birth control pill was ruining my life. Good for you for figuring this out. What a relief!

    Enjoy your show ; ).

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