I’m Officially An Offbeat Mama!


Today one of my previous posts was published on the awesome blog site http://www.offbeatmama.com.  I am beyond humbled and thrilled by all the thoughtful comments!  You can visit my post, and their wonderful site at http://offbeatfamilies.com/filed/features/it-worked-for-me/tough-stuff.  

Thanks to all my readers and supporters!  


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  1. Congratulations! I loved this post and it’s really cool that you’re branching out to new blogs and places. I just wanted to say, too, that you’re so right on. This balance idea is such a myth. It’s just difficult all the way. Sometimes I feel very blessed that I work part-time: time for my kid, time for work, time for me. Other days I think I will scream with the pressure of being all things to everybody and how poorly I am doing at it all. I think it’s wonderful that you “let” your husband do his art (as my husband “lets” me only work part time so I can write). I know it makes the household exponentially less wealthy, though, and that’s an added stress. Go easy on yourself and congratulations, again.

    • Thank you!! I appreciate your comment and support… It was really interesting some of the responses that I got to the post. Like some people really “get it” and other people just felt like I was pathetic. An interesting experience all around.

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